Exploring Legacy Ridge

Legacy Ridge has been on my ‘to-visit’ list for quite some time now.  Things always seemed to get in my way, however, so I didn’t make it until yesterday.

Legacy Ridge 1

Legacy Ridge is a mix of urban and rural areas.  From the landing area, you enter a small town, complete with a mix of businesses and a few homes.

The first store I spotted was the florist – the bed of sunflowers caught my eye, since they are my state’s official flower. 🙂

I love wandering around all the different places people build – in part because I don’t own a lot of land in SL, and I never seem to have enough prims to go around. 😛

Legacy Ridge 2

I thought the ‘Falafel House’ was a hilarious pun, so I just had to snap a pic.  The main street of the town in Legacy Ridge is fantastically decorated, with tons of little touches and details.  I also liked ‘Joe Mamma’s Coffee House.’

Legacy Ridge 3

I found this fabulous fifties diner, complete with vintage neon sign.  There was also a terrific motel, which included an outdoor pool.  It reminded me of all the places we stopped on our vacation to the Grand Canyon when I was a child. (Not that I was born in the 50s – just to clarify.) 😀

Legacy Ridge 4

I think this is my favorite pic of the ones I took at Legacy Ridge.  You can see the whole town – main street, the motel, the bay, and the private homes up on the ridge.

I did wander up onto the ridge, and had a peek at some of the homes.  The information at the landing point said that some of the homes were private, but most of the ones I saw looked unoccupied.  It gave the whole place kind of an empty, hollow feel.

There were a lot of nice touches, though, including the mailboxes posted on the roads for each house – something I see every day where I live.
Legacy Ridge 5

After wandering past all the homes, I came across a more rural area of the sim, which included this fantastic farmer’s market stand.

Legacy Ridge 6

This little farm was behind the market stand, complete with outhouse and chicken coop. 🙂

Pop over and have a peek for yourself.