Quaint Beauty at Devils Point

Periodically I take a look through the Destination Guide to see if there are any new places that I want to visit. This time, I discovered Devils Point.
Devil's Point 1

There’s a lovely train station, complete with this angry looking owl.  (I stayed out of his way and quickly made my way into the town proper.)

Devils Point 2

There are several lovely houses, like the one above.  I tried to ask the figure in the background some questions, but they didn’t seem very talkative.  And the goat’s head mask was a little off-putting, to say the least. 😛

Devil's Point 3

After wandering by a much larger house, I found this quaint little apothecary store.  I didn’t see anyone about, and my feet were quickly getting tired, so I ‘borrowed’ the bicycle and continued my exploration of the town.

Devils Point 4

Though it seemed at first a bit dreary, it started to grow on me.  Up on one of the cliffs, I found this tenacious tree, still standing despite its obvious battle with the elements.  (I don’t know who made this tree in SL, but it’s one of my favorites.  And judging by the number of times I’ve seen it in builds, many others feel the same!)

Devils Point 5

Outside of the town, the rest of the area is decidedly rural.  I found this small herd of deer grazing peacefully in one of the meadows.  Of course, they scattered as soon as they heard me stumbling through the grass. 😀

Devils Point 6

I’ve seen this thatched cottage used in a number of builds, but it seems so at home here.  The overcast grey sky adds to the feeling of an old town in the British Isles.

There are tons of little areas to explore, including a graveyard, more store buildings, and some houses not pictured here.

It’s quaint, quiet, and quirky.  Some of my favorite ‘q’ words. 😀

So, hop on over and see for yourself. (I put the bicycle back, in case you need to ‘borrow’ it as well.)