Photoshop Tutorials

This is a collection of various video tutorials for tips/tricks on using Photoshop.

Most of the videos are courtesy of Daeberethwen Arbenlow, but I may add others as I come across them.


Removing Green Screen Backgrounds in Photoshop:

Taking high resolution ‘up close’ portraits for Second Life:

Using the ‘screen’ blending mode to add special effects to photos:

Adding shadows to Second Life photos in Photoshop:

Creating a nighttime or moonlit effect in Photoshop for Second Life:

Creating selective color effects with Photoshop:

Fixing hard hair edges for Second Life photos:

Using blending modes and blur tools to create softer effects:

Removing green screen halos with blending modes:

Creating drop shadow effects on green screen photos for Second Life:

Blending Modes and Blur + Blending Mode Effects:

Photographing Materials Enabled Mesh:

Using greenscreen to add props to photos:

Creating and using light projectors with textures:

Highlights and Shadows with Dodge and Burn using Curves:

Contouring Photos (beginner to intermediate):

Creating blurred green screen backgrounds with Photoshop:

Clone stamp, patch, and spot healing to fix imperfections:

Extracting detail with frequency separation:

Creating soft, colored lens flare effects:

Using Liquify to Fix Lump SL Mesh:

Creating Fire Glow and Other Glow Effects:

Editing Your Windlights:

Fixing gumby legs & clipping: Clone stamp, Liquify, and Patch tools

Combine/Composite Images Seamlessly:

Background Removal with Layer Masks:

Components of a Mirror Shot: