Removing a Green Screen Background in Photoshop

Green Screen Color Block
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I have watched with envy as other bloggers and photographers do amazing things with their green screen photos.

Previously, I have avoided green screens like the plague, because I could never seem to get my background eraser tool in Photoshop to work as it was supposed to.

Green screen can be an especial nightmare when you have wispy/alpha’ed hair strands.

Enter the following tutorial by Daeberethwen Arbenlow:  Removing Green Screen Backgrounds in Photoshop.  I watched the video, hoping against hope it would somehow be different than the other videos I had watched.

After watching it, I immediately sat down at my computer to give it a try.

It worked!!!

I don’t know if I somehow had my settings screwed up (the sampling and a few other settings mentioned in the video) or if I just have more experience with Photoshop now, but whatever the reason – it worked!

Not perfectly, because I had hair strands that still had a bit of green, but I tried adjusting the hue/saturation and it worked.

If you’ve ever struggled with removing a green screen, give this tutorial a try.

I now have yet another tool in my Photoshop skills box. 😀


4 thoughts on “Removing a Green Screen Background in Photoshop

  1. I would love to master green screen removal but I don’t have PS, only Photoshop Elements although I do have the latest one. I’ve tried a million ways but never can get rid of the final green glow in the hair. Grrrr.

  2. Try Gimp Jo, it should do the trick. I have Photoshop myself but Gimp can do the same thing that is mentioned in this article.

  3. I dislike Gimp John, unless it has improved a lot. It has the most awful interface and I haven’t tried it in ages. I will look again and I should read the article before I speak, since maybe what he says can be achieved in PSE. 🙂

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