Whimsy at Morbid Dreams

Morbid Dreams is a sim owned by Zed Karas.  I’ve known Zed for years and I have always loved her sense of humor.

So when she invited me to come take a look at her sim, I headed right over to check it out.  I’d been there before, but I’d never spent time wandering around.
Morbid Dreams 1

I knew I was in for a treat, and Zed did not disappoint!  I found whimsical little touches all over the sim.  I found this adorable guy swimming in the waters around the sim’s edge.  There’s a steampunk  boat you can commandeer, so if you do explore by boat, make sure to keep an eye out for him!
Morbid Dreams 3

Zed is also a master at adding those little touches you don’t see at first glance.  That, or I’m just spectacularly unobservant sometimes (which is just as possible)!  I didn’t notice the tentacles off to the left until I was sorting through all my pics, nor did I see the cute penguin sitting on the lamp til then.

I did, however, notice the arms and legs of the chair, which is why I took the pic to begin with.😀
Morbid Dreams 4

Zed is an avid gacha collector, so there are tons of vignettes all over the sim.  This set of a manga/k-pop girl band reminded me of my daughter (who loves anime/manga), so I just had to snap a pic to share with her.
Morbid Dreams 5

I found these guys over in a corner of the sim, trying to escape with Bessie.  If you wander around near the theaters (Zed’s sim is home to both the Toadsfahrt Theater and MJ’s Burlesque Review), there are some hilarious, though NSFW, vignettes.😉
Morbid Dreams 7

Another little scene I couldn’t resist snapping – I love the adorable ballet bunnies and their teacher, looking down her cute button nose at them over her rose-colored glasses.

You can also see some cute little satyrs frolicking in the background.😛
Morbid Dreams 8

As you explore, you’ll find a balloon ride, kayaks, and horses.  When you’re done exploring, stop at the bakery shoppe and grab something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

I had a fantastic time exploring Morbid Dreams.  It’s a mix of whimsy, fun, and a bit of dark humor, all wrapped in adorableness – much like Zed herself!

SL Tutorial: Background removal with layer masks – YouTube

Another fabulous tutorial from Daeberethwen Arbenlow – how to remove backgrounds using layer masks.

This technique is a useful option when using a traditional green screen isn’t the best choice.

I can’t wait to try this one out!

What’s your ACI? – Mesh Body Addicts

An interesting post from Daria over at MeshBodyAddicts about the new/coming soon JellyDolls.

I found her numbers interesting – I’ve tested the ARC of my Lelutka head previously, and it wasn’t that high, so I’m wondering how the math is different with ACI vs. ARC.

I am anxiously awaiting both this capability and the quick graphics preferences, which I hope make their way into the Firestorm viewer.

Mesh Body Addicts is Second Life’s premier mesh body and mesh head blog

Source: What’s your ACI? – Mesh Body Addicts

Evolution – LOTD #265

Evolution - LOTD 265


One of my favorite things is learning.  Which is fantastic, because there is always more to learn when it comes to Photoshop!😛

I’ve been using Photoshop off and on since 2004, when I was first introduced to it.  However, I didn’t really start learning it until about a year or so ago.

Once I discovered photography in SL, I set out to try and learn as much as I could about both photography and Photoshop, hoping to improve my skills.  I don’t have as much time to devote to it as I would like, but I’m slowly working my way there.:-)

This photo is fairly simple, but the amount of skills used is pretty long, if I think about it.  I started with a green screen photo. After removing the green screen, I found a background image I liked.  I added shadows, I used a blur filter, I used the ‘match color’ image adjustment, I changed blending modes, and I used layers to add textures and colors . Which may not sound like much, but each of those things has skills within skills.

Photoshop is very complex, but I’m enjoying the process of learning how to get the most out of it.  If I look back to my first photos, I can see a definite change in style and technique!

Next on my agenda is to finally sit down and learn how to use my Wacom tablet – that’s been on the back burner for far too long. 😛



Hair:  .:EMO-tions:. * PETRA * – Red (with flowers add-on)

Skin:  Lumae :: Eirtae – T4 – Fawn // Cheri (Freck / Brow 5)

Eyes:  IKON – Triumph – Electric

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modified)

Body/Hands/Feet: Maitreya – Lara

Dress: BE Designs – Olivia – Royal Blue

Earrings/Necklace: Lazuri – Enchanted Diamond

Shoes: Maci – Fetish Leather Boots

Pose: Ma Vie – Didi


Rustic Charm at Flux Sur Mer

Flux Sur Mer is a sim that I’ve heard mentioned many times, but I had never managed to make it there for a visit (probably because I was spelling the name incorrectly!).
Flux Sur Mer 1

The sim is absolutely gorgeous, and I’m so mad at myself for not visiting before now.😦

I was snapping pictures like mad. I took so many that it was hard to narrow down the ones to put in the blog post.

Flux Sur Mer 2

Everywhere I looked there were little scenes, hidden areas, and some new area to explore.

Another thing I liked was that the buildings were all decorated on the inside, which made the whole sim feel more warm and inviting.

Flux Sur Mer 3

The trees and hills and stone give the sim a rustic but welcoming feel.  I’ve seen this domed building in many sims, but I particularly like the placement here on the edge of a hill.

Flux Sur Mer 4

I think this is one of my favorite shots from this visit.  I love being able to capture large pieces of builds like this in a picture – it makes it seem more real somehow.:-/

There are lots of great sitting areas all over, including some fabulous dining terraces.  There’s even an art gallery where you can buy some original artwork.

Flux Sur Mer 5

There are also many statues placed around the sim.  I’ve not seen this particular statue before (that I remember, anyway).  Another detail that adds to the rustic French feel of the sim.

Flux Sur Mer 6

Near the art gallery and terraces there is a fabulous country farmer’s market, with all kinds of goodies for sale.

If you haven’t made it to Flux Sur Mer yet either, you should drop everything and run right over.  It’s a fabulously gorgeous sim, and you will love it!

Quaint Beauty at Devils Point

Periodically I take a look through the Destination Guide to see if there are any new places that I want to visit. This time, I discovered Devils Point.
Devil's Point 1

There’s a lovely train station, complete with this angry looking owl.  (I stayed out of his way and quickly made my way into the town proper.)

Devils Point 2

There are several lovely houses, like the one above.  I tried to ask the figure in the background some questions, but they didn’t seem very talkative.  And the goat’s head mask was a little off-putting, to say the least.😛

Devil's Point 3

After wandering by a much larger house, I found this quaint little apothecary store.  I didn’t see anyone about, and my feet were quickly getting tired, so I ‘borrowed’ the bicycle and continued my exploration of the town.

Devils Point 4

Though it seemed at first a bit dreary, it started to grow on me.  Up on one of the cliffs, I found this tenacious tree, still standing despite its obvious battle with the elements.  (I don’t know who made this tree in SL, but it’s one of my favorites.  And judging by the number of times I’ve seen it in builds, many others feel the same!)

Devils Point 5

Outside of the town, the rest of the area is decidedly rural.  I found this small herd of deer grazing peacefully in one of the meadows.  Of course, they scattered as soon as they heard me stumbling through the grass.😀

Devils Point 6

I’ve seen this thatched cottage used in a number of builds, but it seems so at home here.  The overcast grey sky adds to the feeling of an old town in the British Isles.

There are tons of little areas to explore, including a graveyard, more store buildings, and some houses not pictured here.

It’s quaint, quiet, and quirky.  Some of my favorite ‘q’ words.😀

So, hop on over and see for yourself. (I put the bicycle back, in case you need to ‘borrow’ it as well.)

Exploring Legacy Ridge

Legacy Ridge has been on my ‘to-visit’ list for quite some time now.  Things always seemed to get in my way, however, so I didn’t make it until yesterday.

Legacy Ridge 1

Legacy Ridge is a mix of urban and rural areas.  From the landing area, you enter a small town, complete with a mix of businesses and a few homes.

The first store I spotted was the florist – the bed of sunflowers caught my eye, since they are my state’s official flower.:-)

I love wandering around all the different places people build – in part because I don’t own a lot of land in SL, and I never seem to have enough prims to go around.😛

Legacy Ridge 2

I thought the ‘Falafel House’ was a hilarious pun, so I just had to snap a pic.  The main street of the town in Legacy Ridge is fantastically decorated, with tons of little touches and details.  I also liked ‘Joe Mamma’s Coffee House.’

Legacy Ridge 3

I found this fabulous fifties diner, complete with vintage neon sign.  There was also a terrific motel, which included an outdoor pool.  It reminded me of all the places we stopped on our vacation to the Grand Canyon when I was a child. (Not that I was born in the 50s – just to clarify.)😀

Legacy Ridge 4

I think this is my favorite pic of the ones I took at Legacy Ridge.  You can see the whole town – main street, the motel, the bay, and the private homes up on the ridge.

I did wander up onto the ridge, and had a peek at some of the homes.  The information at the landing point said that some of the homes were private, but most of the ones I saw looked unoccupied.  It gave the whole place kind of an empty, hollow feel.

There were a lot of nice touches, though, including the mailboxes posted on the roads for each house – something I see every day where I live.
Legacy Ridge 5

After wandering past all the homes, I came across a more rural area of the sim, which included this fantastic farmer’s market stand.

Legacy Ridge 6

This little farm was behind the market stand, complete with outhouse and chicken coop.:-)

Pop over and have a peek for yourself.