Grace Island’s “Sordid Affair”

I’ve been busily working on various routines and I found myself needing a mental break.

So, off I headed to explore, take some photos, and relax. 😀
Grace Island 1

I found Grace Island.  According to the land blurb, “The end of a summer’s love affair, as told through a photogenic beach sim capped with mountain forest. In Sordid Affair time stands still in heartbreak for photography and to explore. Watch for clues and interpret the story your way.”

I must confess, I often (usually) don’t read anything about the place I am photographing.  I prefer to explore and be surprised, rather than having preconceived notions about what I will see/find.  😀

So it wasn’t until I was processing my photos that I read about the ‘story’ I was supposed to interpret.

Since I started out on the beach by the lighthouse, I guess I’ll start the story there.  Despite the lighthouse, there was a shipwreck on the shore.
Grace Island 3

There was a rather crude concrete bunker that looked like it had housed our castaways for a short time.  The view was nice, though.

It seems the ‘Sordid Affair’ players landed here unexpectedly and had to make the best of things.
Grace Island 2

Luckily, there was a vacant but fabulously furnished house just waiting for them to occupy.  (I love peeking in through windows when I go exploring – it delights the voyeur in me. 😛 )

Grace Island 4

Despite the rough beginnings, our players seem to have landed on their feet, with this lovely little outdoor dining area set up for a dinner party.

I’m not sure who they were expecting, since the island was fairly deserted, with the exception of some adorable animals.

Grace Island 6

Whatever the occasion, I seemed to have missed the ‘heartbreak’ described in the land description.

All I found was beauty, peace, and love:
Grace Island 5

If you find yourself needing a break, a retreat, or just some stunning visuals, stop by Grace Island.

Write your own story as you explore. 🙂

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  1. Thanks so much for visiting, exploring & beautifully photographing the 1st design of Grace Island. FYI, the 2nd design is now open and you are invited to return and explore anew! 🙂

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