Bleak Beauty at Yorkshire Moors

While looking for a nice spot for some photography, I stumbled upon the Yorkshire Moors.

Home to the mainstore of Rayne Couture, the bleak and dark landscape instantly intrigued me.
Yorkshire Moors 1

The moors were mostly uninhabited, but I did find a few wild denizens. 🙂

I love places where I can wander, surrounded by beauty (and not a lot of people). I need my solitude, and places like this allow me to recharge my batteries.

Yorkshire Moors 2

I am love with this little garden shed, and the person who went to the trouble to add the reflection of the tree in the window.  A fabulous touch and it adds so much to this scene.
Yorkshire Moors 3

And, of course, my requisite lighthouse picture.  I’m considering putting all of my lighthouse pictures together in a collection. 😀

I love the windmill – it looks like all the windmills I see around my home, but never next to a lighthouse!
Yorkshire Moors 4

The colors and light are fantastic.  Bleak, but at the same time, so gorgeous and beautiful. The horses are nice, but my favorite thing was the peacock flying around. 😛

Yorkshire Moors 5

I normally don’t have much trouble finding things to say about the places I visit and photograph.

This place, however, has me speechless. (Which doesn’t happen often, I assure you!)  The place is full of contradictions – mostly empty, but full of scenes to fill your soul; dark, but so warm and welcoming at the same time.

The pictures don’t do it justice, so if you find yourself with a bit of time on your hands, take a visit to the Yorkshire Moors.

Kick your shoes off and stay a while. 🙂