MJ’s Burlesque Review

Yesterday I got the chance to see a dance show.

Yay me!

MC ZedI took a short break from blogging and sorting to check out the show.

MJ’s has long been a favorite venue of mine and I am never disappointed by their shows.

The shows are definitely ‘adult’ in nature, but I love the bawdy humor.

Zed is the MC of the show and is a master of sarcastic/snarky/hilarious comments.

As Zed reminded everyone, MJ’s encourages heckling, and the audience chatter adds so much to the show.

The last several shows have included guest dancers.

Today MJ opened the show with a saucy little routine to a Gwen Stefani song.

MJ always finds the most interesting costumes.

MJ 1I love the hands on this sexy number.

One of the things I like about MJ’s is that they use emotes.

Not huge, long emotes that overwhelm chat, but just enough to tell a little story to go with each act.

I also like the way the venue is set up at MJ’s.

The stage is big, but not huge, so the dancers don’t get lost.

And the smaller size lends itself to a more intimate feel for the audience.

AuraAfter MJ, the secret guest dancer!

Aura Fitzgerald (from Sinner’s Burlesque) was the guest dancer.

I don’t remember what song she danced to, but the routine was amazing.

I love the set design and the special fx she used added just the right touch.

I am always appreciative when dancers spend time on the little details.

After Aura’s number, Zed had a hilarious number set in a bakery.

However, I keep the pictures PG for the blog, and I just couldn’t find an angle that didn’t show off way too much flesh. 😀

MJ 2I enjoy Zed’s dry sense of humor immensely, and her emotes had me rolling on the floor.

Since I can’t show you what you’re missing, you’ll just have to go to the next show and find out for yourself!

The last act of the night was MJ, with a dark and witchy routine.

If you look closely, you’ll see MJ dancing in the flames, and poor Zed twitching in the background.

As you can see, the special fx were amazing in this routine as well.

MJ’s doesn’t have a regular schedule of shows, so be sure to join their group or hit up their subscriber to stay informed.