Flickr Frustrations

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It’s been a frustrating week for me.

I discovered several days ago that my Flickr was suddenly not working.  Now, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Flickr for a long time.  It started when I opened my Flickr account – something I resisted for a while, because they required both a phone number AND a yahoo account.

I didn’t understand (and still don’t) the need for a phone number and I did NOT want to get a Yahoo account given all their privacy issues and data breeches.  However, I finally caved and set it up.

I was happy with it and all went fine until Smug Mug bought Flickr.  Now, I don’t know much about Smug Mug, but of course they made a bunch of changes.

They changed the number of photos you can post on a free account (completely understandable) and they wanted you to migrate away from your Yahoo account/login.  Again, completely understandable.

Except I was absent for a while and I apparently missed the window to change my email/login for Flickr to something that isn’t Yahoo.  So when I discovered I couldn’t log in, I couldn’t fix anything, because I don’t/didn’t/never have used my Yahoo account that was associated with Flickr.

I researched the issue and tried several different things to no avail, so I contacted their support.  I stated my failure to log in and my inability to access the Yahoo email.  I got a helpful reply – telling me to log into my Yahoo email and follow the link to update my Flickr.

Yes, generic angry lady, this is exactly the face I made. Image Source: Pixabay

So, since Flickr was sooo much help, I decided to just try and see if I could log into my Yahoo account.  Maybe the password was a simple one??  I could try several I remembered and see??

Nope.  Nothing worked.  So I tried the ‘forgot password option.’  I couldn’t use the phone text option, because I haven’t had that number in literally years.  I thought I was completely screwed and would just have to start over on Flickr.  Which, likely, I would have just abandoned.

Thank goodness for past me, who thoughtfully linked a back-up email to that Yahoo account (something I generally don’t do, so past me was feeling super special that day!) and I was able to access that email to reset my Yahoo password, which in turn let me fix my Flickr login.

Whew!  All fixed, right?

I wanted to avoid all this in the future, so I thought, I’ll just update my email on Flickr to my current email address and be done.

Not so fast.

For whatever reason, you cannot just ‘change’ or ‘update’ or even add a second/back-up email on Flickr.

If I want to do that, I have to contact Flickr support.  You know, those people who were so helpful in the first place.  In this day and age, what site doesn’t allow you to update your information?  Especially email addresses?!


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I recently decided to get a Flickr account.

Much as I hate Yahoo, I thought it would be a good place to put all the show pics I take that don’t make it onto the blog.

So, I went to set up an account.

However, Yahoo requires a cell phone number in order to activate a new account.

Umm, no.

If I wanted everyone on the planet to have my phone number, that would be a sure way to do it.

What to do?

I needed a place to share photos that isn’t Facebook or Yahoo or Flickr.

And then it hit me.

ASN – Avatar Social Network.

A site made specifically for avatars/RP’ers/gamers to be a replacement for other social media sites that are not ‘avatar-friendly.’  😀


So, from now on, I will be posting my pics (both dance shows and whatever else I take) on ASN.

There are alternatives – you just have to do a bit of looking. 🙂

Yahoo Flickr? I’ll Pass . . .

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I’ve been debating for a while whether to sign up for a Flickr account.  I love looking at all the gorgeous SL pics.

Today I decided, “What the hell?” and went to sign up for Flickr.  I mean, I already have 7 emails, a Twitter, a Google+, an ASN account, and a blog – what’s adding one more account?  So I be-bop my way over to Flickr and hit ‘sign up.’

I am immediately confronted with a Yahoo! sign in page.

Wha . . . . . ???

I hit the back button, thinking I’d been redirected to the wrong place.


Turns out Yahoo! owns Flickr.  I don’t like Yahoo.  Much as I would like to see all the pretty pictures, my loathing at having to use Yahoo overrides that wish.  I already have several email accounts, I don’t want another one.  I foolishly assumed I could use my gmail account (or any email account I chose) to sign up for Flickr.  But, alas, that is not the case.

And so, I bid Flickr a disappointed adieu.  (Just FYI – there was apparently a huge ‘to-do’ when Yahoo acquired Flickr, redesigned the layout, and then implemented the changes with no notice to its users.)

I think I’ll go check out DeviantArt. 😀