Working out the Timing

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As I return to blogging and photography, I find myself looking at stats again.

Not my favorite thing. :/  Mostly because I’m not doing this for the stats (thank goodness!), so sometimes it’s easy to get bogged down in the details and forget the bigger picture.

Since resuming posting here and on Flickr, I can’t seem to get a handle on when to post things.  Some posts/pics do well with early morning posting times and others do better with a later publish time.

But I have yet to figure out when the best time to post is for me.

I generally schedule my posts to publish because I tend to write in batches.  I won’t have anything to post one day and then the next I have 3 or 4 posts rattling around in my brain that I have to get out.  So I have been playing around with the posting time to see what gets a better response.

After looking at stats again today, I’m stumped.  Perhaps it’s because most of this is aimed at SL folks, who tend to be all over the world, which means all different time zones.

Perhaps it doesn’t matter.

Yep, that’s the answer I’m going with. 😛

Thinking Out Loud

Busy Bee
Me this week!
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It’s been a very hectic week for me, and I have found myself without much time (or inclination) to blog.  😦

I used to post every day, sometimes twice a day – one written post and then one LOTD post.

I’ve taken on some additional projects and it’s taking me a bit to get used to the lack of free time to write and take photos.

A few weeks ago, I decided that I would stop posting every day and see what happened.  As expected, my traffic fell.  Which is disappointing, but totally understandable.  I don’t read every single post every single day of the blogs I follow, so I don’t expect that from my readers either.

However, finding a happy medium has so far been elusive.  I’ve considered changing the direction of the blog (that dreaded ‘niche’ word), but I like writing about many different things.

I love taking photos of fantastic sims and sharing those, and those posts tend be popular.  I love taking my LOTD photos, though those are probably more for me than anyone else. 😀

I also love writing about dance – which is the reason I started this blog.  I am still involved in dancing in SL, and enjoy it very much.  However, I’m not sure that many readers actually enjoy reading about it.

I’ve also become very involved with learning the Artiste tools, and many of my posts have been about that.  Certainly a niche group for those posts! 😛

So, if I post less often, please be assured that I am still here, and I do intend to continue to write (and dance, and take photos).

Enjoy your Thursday!

It’s a New Year! Don’t Forget to Update Your Copyright Info | Photofocus

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This is something I always overlook when it’s a new year!

If you have something you want copyrighted, don’t forget to update your copyright information.

You may need to do it in more than one place, so make yourself a checklist for next year. 🙂

Source: It’s a New Year! Don’t Forget to Update Your Copyright Info | Photofocus

SL Blogger Support Meet-Up – October 23rd, 2015

If you blog, and would like to meet others who do too, consider coming to the meet-n-greet.

I’m looking forward to putting some faces with names!

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Hitting 500

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Over the past week or so, I’ve hit a couple of milestones without realizing it. 🙂

I got a notice a couple of days ago, congratulating me on my 2-year anniversary with WordPress.

Now, I haven’t actually been blogging that long, but I did sign up my account 2 years ago.

So yay me! for sticking with a platform. 😀

Because I schedule most of my posts in advance, I don’t see the ‘posts published’ counter when a post actually publishes.

Nor do I pay much attention to the number of posts I’ve done.

So when I got a notice that I’ve hit 500 posts, it was a nice surprise.

I’ve been trying to blog steadily, and my numbers show it.

I suspect that I will slow down a bit this summer, because my RL schedule always seems to get crazy then.

Too many activities and not enough time to fit everything in.

But I am looking forward to many more posts and comments about this crazy world we call Second Life.

So keep reading, because I’m pretty sure I have at least 500 more posts in me.

Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone!


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As an undergrad/grad student, I’ve done my fair share of research over the years.

However, I can’t say it’s ever been my favorite thing to do.

It’s so time consuming, for one thing.

So it takes up time I’d (of course) rather spend doing something else.

But – sometimes it’s necessary.

I’ve had to spend some time this week doing research on various things.

Numbers (and math) have never been my ‘thing.’  I’d much rather read a book than work with numbers.  😛

So cruising through stats reports is not usually high on my priority list.

I did, however, take some time to go through my stats recently to see what I could be doing better.

I love to write – it’s one of the reasons I started this blog.

I also like having people read and respond to what I write.

Otherwise it sort of feels like hollering down a black hole (I imagine, never having actually hollered down a black hole).

I am working on various ways to increase the traffic to my blog and ways to make posting to the various social networks easier and faster.

Less time spent going to different networks means I can spend more time writing. 😀

The catch-22 is that, in order to do that, I have to first spend some time researching.

Those of you who have blogs, what has worked for you?

Those of you who read the blog – are there certain topics you’d like to see covered? Covered more?  Covered less?

Any and all suggestions are appreciated!!