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If you’re interested in learning, this sounds like a great opportunity!  A virtual ebook fair, where you can find some great FREE ebooks on topics like GIMP, Blender, fashion, photography, and more!

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One of the main goals of Windlight Magazine is to provide free and/or low cost training and resources to our readers in the areas of the arts. To further this goal, we have created a virtual book f…

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Tutorial: Adding shadows to Second Life photos in Photoshop | honeyjunkies

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Another great tutorial from Daeberethwen Arbenlow on adding shadows yourself in Photoshop.

I admit, I prefer to use windlights, because I’m not that good at deciding where shadows should go and making it all look natural.

Definitely a skill that requires practice.  I’ve always wondered how some photographers got such clear photos of skin and makeup – now I know!

Source: Tutorial: Adding shadows to Second Life photos in Photoshop | honeyjunkies

Graphics Whore

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My husband bought me a new graphics card a while ago.

I was still running on mid graphics and complaining.

I wanted all the fancy shadows and light effects I saw everywhere else.

So over the holidays he also added some RAM to my PC.

After he did, we bumped everything up as high as it would go to see what happened.


I wasn’t crashing left and right, and I could actually walk around at events (even with the cool shadows on) and didn’t find the lag too terrible.

Since I now can see all the fancy lights and shadows, I started taking photos and playing around with windlights and such.

I’ve been having a blast.

Recently, a friend told me about an art installation at LEA29.  I HAD to go, she said.

When I arrived, I realized I had seen the artwork before in other photos.

But some of them were sooo cool, I just had to try myself.

I was so busy playing around and messing with settings that I finally did crash, lol.

I am planning to go back, because I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time there exploring, but what little I did see was amazing.

Here’s a little glimpse of what I did get taken before the crash:

BlueI love this sculpture.

I immediately thought of the story of the birth of Athena.

I liked it so much I took several different pictures of it.

Here’s the second one:

RedIf you like the photos, be sure to visit the sim and check out the artworks.

It’s on LEA29 and the artist in residence is Mistero Hifeng.

There’s something amazing everywhere you look!