Question of the Day #15 – Male vs. Female

women menJust when I thought I was going to get one of my biggest questions answered – but no.  After viewing the results of yesterday’s poll, it seems that nearly everyone (70%) has no idea why a venue asks the audience to set their viewer to midnight.  Something to think about, for those of us who create routines for others to enjoy.  No one (0%) thought that setting your viewer to midnight makes a performance look better.  And yesterday I attended a dance show that didn’t ask me to set my viewer to midnight.  Maybe times they are a changin’, eh?

Today, I wanted to delve into why there seems to be such a disparity in gender when it comes to dancers in troupe.  Females almost always outnumber males.  Why?  Is it due to audience preference?  I’m curious, so let’s find out. 🙂


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Question of the Day #14 – Set to Midnight

I’m learning a lot with this series of posts, so I hope you are too!  Yesterday I delved into performer’s preferences for firing special FX.  The results were once again split right down the middle, with The Artiste HUD tied with SpotOn for firing special FX.  Yesterday was also the day that misse Tigerpaw gave a lecture in the DQ dance classes about particle effects, so yay me! for being so timely. 🙂 (And yay misse! who is an absolute genius with particles!)

Today I thought I’d ask a question that I’ve often asked myself.  Why do venues always request that you set your viewer to midnight?  Does it really improve the performance?  Let’s find out!


Thank you so much to all the readers who are following, commenting, voting, and reading!

Project Interesting

According to Inara Pey’s blog, LL has released ‘Project Interesting’ – read her informative blog post here.

‘Project Interesting’ is said to make object loading better – it will load, for example, floors, doors, and walls first, and objects further away will not be rezzed until you are closer to them.  Included at the bottom of Inara’s post is a video by Torley Linden showing how ‘Project Interesting’ will improve viewer performance.

This follows the previous phase of improvements – Project Sunshine, which introduced SSA to help with faster loading of textures.  No more walking around grey or blurry!

(I have noticed, however, that with the advent of mesh, I often see others as naked with mesh clothing attached vertically to their hands until everything rezzes completely.  Or with hair floating several inches above their heads.  Gotta love SL!)


I Want This!!

Ok, so I didn’t think I’d become a social media hound so quickly, but . . . *shrugs*

Now that I’ve launched this blog and I’m trying to keep (sort of) up-to-date on stuff, there seems to be news and stories everywhere!

I set up a Twitter account and I’ve been wavering about Flickr.  I know Flickr is used by a lot of SL residents, but I just wasn’t sure I needed yet another account to maintain.

However, after hearing about LL’s new release of the SL Share 2 viewer, I can see how I would use it.  The viewer gives you the options to share content (pics, tweets, links, etc.) directly to Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter.  Wait – whaa???  That’s actually something I would use!!  (LL must be feeling sick – hehe.)

Read more and check out the short video on Inara Pey’s blog here.

The filter options looked really cool as well.  I don’t use Instagram, but I could certainly see myself using this option – the ability to post from in-world, and do some post-processing to the photos without having to go back to my desktop, open Photoshop, edit my photos, and then go over to Flickr to upload?  Lots of extra (and now unnecessary) steps.

The only snag in the whole deal is that I hate the LL viewer.  I’ve used a TPV for so long that I am lost on the LL viewer.

If only these options were available in Firestorm . . .


Things That Make You Go Hmmm . . . .

I ran across a blog post today about a SL Share 2 project viewer from LL which allows you to post to Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter directly from within SL.

I guess I’m a little confused.  First, let me just say that I am NOT a fan of Facebook.  Mark Zuckerberg has long touted that Facebook (and the data it mines and sells) is valuable because it is people’s REAL LIFE information.  There was even a big to-do a while ago about Facebook deleting accounts because they were ‘cosplay’ or ‘character’ accounts, rather than real people accounts (which is a violation of Facebook’s TOS).

I don’t use Flickr and have just started with Twitter, so I don’t really know if their TOS’s are the same, but I would imagine they are very similar.

So now LL is going to make it possible for you to post to Facebook from SL directly to your FB account?  (I am assuming, of course, that you have a FB account under your SL avatar name, as I know that many, many people do.)  Doesn’t that just make it even more likely that Facebook would be guaranteed to know that your account is a ‘cosplay’ or ‘character’ account?  Or is Facebook just looking for people who will be interested in the Oculus Rift, now that they have purchased it?

Hmmmm . . . .