Happy Hump Day

Because who doesn't like a little Liam? :-D Image Source: www.memes.com
Because who doesn’t like a little Liam? 😀
Image Source: http://www.memes.com

Yesterday was a busy day for me.

It was 21 Shoe so, you know – SHOES!!!

I’ve been busily trying to blog, photograph, and organize items I’ve collected over the past several weeks.

I’m making progress, but not there yet.

My schedule tends to be kind of fluid lately, so I’m hoping I can make it to the Velvet Vixens show tonight at 6pm. 😀

I came across a great tutorial from Alicia Chenaux about making a smile shape – editing your shape so that when you smile (using a classic/system avatar), you don’t look like a complete dorknoid.

I’m kinda mad at myself for not thinking of this – but she does a great job of explaining how it works.

So yay!  I can try my hand at pics where I actually have an expression on my face. 😛

Bright Canopy (the group that may be an alternative to SL Go), has a blog and is currently running a photo contest.

It sounds like the service may be up and running much quicker than many people (including me) expected.

So yay again!

I’m still debating over changing up the theme of the blog (I hate change :/), so if things look a little different, don’t panic. 😀

Happy Hump Day, y’all!!

New Places

Image Source:  xelerus.de
Image Source: xelerus.de

Yesterday I got a group notice about a new burlesque club opening.

So I zipped on over to the Club Inanna Burlesque in Somerton.

It’s a sim based on Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ movie.

That means adult themes, nudity, parties at the mansion (I think), so if you’re easily shocked, it may not be the place for you.

When I arrived, the party had just started and there were plenty of people there.

It has a nice, intimate feel, with a small stage surrounded by various seating areas.

I was so busy socializing I forgot to take a pic, so I had to go back and get one today. 🙂

InannaDon’t mind me standing there, daydreaming about my first days in burlesque.

So if you’re looking for a new burlesque spot, try this one.

You may have to join their group for access, I’m not sure on that.

Always nice to see new venues opening.

I also heard through the grapevine that a club may be re-opening.

Rumor has it that the Velvet Vixens club may be putting on a show today.

So keep an eye out in-world for news.

And if you know of any new dance venues that are opening, send me the info and I will help to get the word out. 😀