As I’ve had free time, I’ve been back in SL exploring sims.  I’ve missed taking photos and playing around in Photoshop.  I’ve posted a couple of things on Flickr and I figure I have a while until I’ve uploaded my 300+ photos still available to me as a free Flickr user.

I didn’t have a ton of time to explore Whimberly, but what I did see was gorgeous.  I’ll have to make sure I return for another visit when I have more time.

I’m still a sucker for lighthouses. 😀

Field of Dreams

Nope, not that one. 😀

This Field of Dreams is a gorgeous sim I found while ambling around SL.

Rustic House

The rustic landscaping is simply stunning and there are little details everywhere you look. (I almost missed the cute red bird sitting on the fence.)

SunflowersThis field of flowers stopped me in my tracks – this is something I see regularly here at home (it’s our state flower) and giant fields of sunflowers are awe-inspiring.  And the seeds are pretty tasty, too! 😛

Cat chasing pigeonsI couldn’t resist snapping a pic of this scene – the cat trying to stealthily sneak up on the birds, the birds flying up out of danger, and waiting to see whether the cat will actually snare something or fall ignominiously into the water fountain.

Rustic WineryI’m a big fan of the Tuscan look (as are many others, judging from the number of times I see Tuscan decor/landscaping), and this winery/picnic area looks so inviting.

There is lots more to see and explore at Field of Dreams, so grab your camera and head on over to check it out for yourself!

Statuesque Beauty at Hermoupolis

I keep a list of places I hear about that I want to visit, and Hermoupolis has been on it for a while.  I tried to visit a couple of months ago, but I must have been spelling it wrong because I couldn’t find it.

Luckily, on a recent browse through the Destination Guide, I came upon it and immediately teleported over to check it out.

Hermoupolis 1

When you first land, there is a mall, but turn around and just pause to take it all in.  The sim build is lovely, in the flavor of Tuscany, which is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

I couldn’t resist snapping a pic of this little vintage roadster parked in front of a grand estate – it reminds me of the little convertible my dad lovingly restored for about 25 years. 🙂

Hermoupolis 2

In addition to the fabulous buildings, there are statues dotted around everywhere.  This is a recreation of the Niké of Samothrace statue. Niké was the Greek goddess of victory and the statue is often called ‘Winged Victory.’

This is one of my favorite Hellenistic statues – in fact, I have a replica of it in my own home in RL (a much smaller version).

Hermoupolis 3After the small garden containing the Winged Victory statue, there are some lovely Tuscan buildings, like this two-story beauty.  The windlight of the sim was fantastic and added to the old-world ambiance of the place.

Hermoupolis 4

I came across this lovely little caravan – what a warm and relaxing place to spend a quiet evening by the campfire, listening to the gentle waves of the water nearby. 🙂

Hermoupolis 5

Like in all villages, of course, there was a cute farmer’s stand, with all manner of fresh goodies available.

Hermoupolis 6

There were all kinds of statues dotted around the build, some of which you can see in the background of this pic.  I love the wrought-iron fence around this one.

If you have some spare time, hop on over to Hermoupolis and check it out.  There are lots of statues to see, and lots of little areas to sit, relax, and have a cup of tea while you enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Ocho Tango

Last week was a bumpy week for me in RL, so on Friday I sat down in front of the computer and spent some quiet time wandering from sim to sim.

I keep a list of places I’d like to visit and photograph, so my first stop was Ocho Tango.

I’ve seen other people’s photos of the place and I wanted to check it out for myself.

Ocho Tango 1

I didn’t realize it was actually a dance club (where you can tango!), so there were a few couples dancing when I arrived.

I’ve no idea who this adorable couple was, but I couldn’t resist snapping a few pics while they danced. 🙂

Ocho Tango 2

I generally try to keep to one windlight/filter when shooting, but this statue just screamed for something different. 😛

Ocho Tango 3

I stumbled across this little guy while wandering around the area.  I love it when you find whimsical vignettes like these scattered around. It adds so much personality to the build.

Ocho Tango 4

As I was about to leave, I stopped for one last look.  I found the tree in the distance perfectly framed by the gnarled tree in the foreground, and I had to take a photo.

Ocho Tango is a beautiful little area.  Take a few minutes out of your day and go do some exploring.  Be sure to take a friend so you can do some dancing while you’re there!