How Time Flies!

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You know that old saying – “Life is what happens while you’re making other plans.” I’m usually pretty good at staying on top of things, but sometimes I’m so immersed in details I forget to look at the big picture.

It’s a good thing WordPress sends reminders, otherwise I would not have known that today is my 4th (4th!) anniversary for this blog.  Amazing.

The blog has grown and taken some twists and turns from where I started, and I’m not sure I ended up where I intended to go, but it’s been a terrific journey so far. 😀

Can’t wait to see what this new year brings!


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The Daily Post

Have you ever stopped to think about why you are on social media? For me, it has always been about connecting with people, learning from my community, and contributing to that community. Page views, subscribers, followers and fans were never a stand alone goal. They were a means to an end — the promise of a potential connection.

— Annie at Ethical Thinker

Note: The ideas here are targeted more to intermediate/advanced users and bloggers with established followings.

If you’re a new blogger, we can help you get started on social media: we publish resources on building your blog and online presence, and offer Blogging 201: Traffic and Growth, a guided course where you learn alongside other bloggers.

Annie at Ethical Thinker published an interesting read last month on why, after seven years of growing a popular parenting blog and social media presence, she abandoned her following, which…

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Time Is My Enemy

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Lately, time seems to get away from me a lot.

I’ll have a list of things I want to do, and I run out of time to get them all done.

I can always do some of them later, of course, but sometimes, after my self-imposed deadline has passed, it doesn’t seem worth the extra effort.

Am I just trying to get too much done in too short a time?

Am I putting too many things on my to-do list?

But goals are good, right?

Am I wasting time on things that don’t matter?

Should I be focusing my efforts elsewhere?

Have I lost my drive, my enthusiasm?

Time’s a-wasting.

Mesh Mouth

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There’s been a lot of buzz the last few days over the Skin Fair opening tomorrow.

I could have gone to an early preview, but I didn’t.

Honestly, I already own a TON of skins, and I only wear one on a regular basis.

Once in a great while, I’ll go searching through them and find something for a routine, but I just don’t change my skin a lot as a rule.

So, I was really stoked when Laqroki announced they had made appliers for the Maitreya body.

I’ve just now gotten around to actually playing with them to see how they work.

I must admit, I’m not thrilled.

The hands and feet match perfectly, but I can’t seem to get rid of the line/seam at the neck, no matter what I do.

And after a day of trying on practically every mesh outfit in my inventory, it was a bit discouraging to find that only one or two items actually work.

After searching around for various fixes, I got sidetracked a bit by the mesh mouths.

PXL has released a new mouth that seems all the rage.

I’ve said before that I don’t understand the appeal of mesh heads.

To me, you end up looking the same as everyone else.

Even with different skin and makeup, the underlying structure is the same and just doesn’t seem as ‘realistic’ or unique to me as a classic avatar face.

I’ve seen some new heads on the market, and creators may be getting closer to a realistic look (complete with customizing options), in my opinion.

A mesh mouth seemed much easier to tackle than a mesh head, so I got the PXL demo.

I must say, it was more complicated than I expected.

I’m still not clear on how the HUD works (I think pieces of it are disabled for the demo, but it doesn’t tell you that in the info nc).

I wasn’t able to get a perfect skin match, but I got fairly close.

And the positioning seemed pretty good right out of the box.

But I’m not sure whether I want to take the plunge and buy the mesh mouth or not.

I like the way it looks.

But – another mesh attachment?

It’s already a major pain dealing with SLink hands/feet and all the HUDs and appliers.

When I first got the SLink hands, I was collecting nail appliers right and left.

But I rarely use any of them.

That was one of the appeals for me about the Maitreya body.

The hands and feet are all right there, and one HUD does the nails for both.

I’m just not sure I’m up for another attachment and adding another 10-15 minutes of futzing around with colors when I’m trying to get dressed.

Has anyone tried the PXL mouth?

What do you think of it?

Are there other mesh mouths that might be better?


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As an undergrad/grad student, I’ve done my fair share of research over the years.

However, I can’t say it’s ever been my favorite thing to do.

It’s so time consuming, for one thing.

So it takes up time I’d (of course) rather spend doing something else.

But – sometimes it’s necessary.

I’ve had to spend some time this week doing research on various things.

Numbers (and math) have never been my ‘thing.’  I’d much rather read a book than work with numbers.  😛

So cruising through stats reports is not usually high on my priority list.

I did, however, take some time to go through my stats recently to see what I could be doing better.

I love to write – it’s one of the reasons I started this blog.

I also like having people read and respond to what I write.

Otherwise it sort of feels like hollering down a black hole (I imagine, never having actually hollered down a black hole).

I am working on various ways to increase the traffic to my blog and ways to make posting to the various social networks easier and faster.

Less time spent going to different networks means I can spend more time writing. 😀

The catch-22 is that, in order to do that, I have to first spend some time researching.

Those of you who have blogs, what has worked for you?

Those of you who read the blog – are there certain topics you’d like to see covered? Covered more?  Covered less?

Any and all suggestions are appreciated!!


LOTD 8This LOTD was inspired by Nai’s 365 and theme of the week – Time.

I love dressing up in vintage-y clothes and this is one of my favorite outfits.

Not ‘historically accurate’ to be sure, but it is a gorgeous dress!


Hair:  >TRUTH< – Gattina – Black&Whites04

Dress: Valentina E Couture – VE Clara Dress, Over Dress – Black

Bracelet: Chaos, Panic, Disorder – Open Filigree Cuff Bracelet

Earrings: Luminesse – Lirio Black

Shoes: N-core – Omega – Silver

Skin: Laqroki – Martina – Mocha

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modded)

Eyes: IKON – Utopia – Pale Cerulean

Eyelashes:  Redgrave – Classy

Hands: SLink – Elegant

Time Flies

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Nai has recently started up a new blog/website for the Blue Moon (check it out here if you haven’t already).

He is also starting a ‘365’ project.

Each week, he will set a theme with prompts to inspire him to write, sketch, take a photo, whatever.

He’s invited others to participate as well, so I’m going to join in the fun. 🙂

The theme for this first week of January is TIME.

So my first offering is going to be this blog post.

Since it’s only the 4th day of January, and we’re fresh off the whole ‘Happy New Year’s’ thing, time is a subject that’s been on my mind.

Hubs’ birthday is coming up this week, mine is next month, and then I’m going to blink and my kids will be heading out into the real world.

Where did all the time go?

It seems like just yesterday my kids were little, needing help to brush their teeth, wanting me to kiss their boo-boos better.

When did they grow up?

In fact, I’m wondering where the first week of the New Year has gone – 2015 is flying by already!

Here’s hoping I have enough time to accomplish all the things I’d like to this year.  😀