MJ’s Burlesque at Toadsfahrt Theater

This past weekend I went to see MJ’s Burlesque Review.  They were performing at a new/different theater build, so my interest was piqued.

It was the same MJ’s crew (and show) that we all know and love – lots of great dancing, amazing costumes, and absolutely filthy emotes. 😛

mj-1I was expecting things to be a little different due to the change in venue (which isn’t permanent, I don’t think).  However, I was really impressed with the show.

mj-2The show was amazing, as usual. But it was different because the sets were stripped down – a few props, a few effects, but the focus was really all on the performer.

MJ did a lovely sentimental act (seen above) and the new format just added to the drama of it.

mj-3Nancy was fantastic (I’d love to borrow her creative muse – just for 5 minutes!) and the stripped down stage allowed the performers and their stories to shine.

I know many people don’t like emotes, but I’ve always loved them. I get a little window into the mind and soul of the performer when they write stories to go along with their shows.

mj-4It’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to catch a show at MJ’s.  I’m so glad I didn’t miss this one.

Whimsy at Morbid Dreams

Morbid Dreams is a sim owned by Zed Karas.  I’ve known Zed for years and I have always loved her sense of humor.

So when she invited me to come take a look at her sim, I headed right over to check it out.  I’d been there before, but I’d never spent time wandering around.
Morbid Dreams 1

I knew I was in for a treat, and Zed did not disappoint!  I found whimsical little touches all over the sim.  I found this adorable guy swimming in the waters around the sim’s edge.  There’s a steampunk  boat you can commandeer, so if you do explore by boat, make sure to keep an eye out for him!
Morbid Dreams 3

Zed is also a master at adding those little touches you don’t see at first glance.  That, or I’m just spectacularly unobservant sometimes (which is just as possible)!  I didn’t notice the tentacles off to the left until I was sorting through all my pics, nor did I see the cute penguin sitting on the lamp til then.

I did, however, notice the arms and legs of the chair, which is why I took the pic to begin with. 😀
Morbid Dreams 4

Zed is an avid gacha collector, so there are tons of vignettes all over the sim.  This set of a manga/k-pop girl band reminded me of my daughter (who loves anime/manga), so I just had to snap a pic to share with her.
Morbid Dreams 5

I found these guys over in a corner of the sim, trying to escape with Bessie.  If you wander around near the theaters (Zed’s sim is home to both the Toadsfahrt Theater and MJ’s Burlesque Review), there are some hilarious, though NSFW, vignettes. 😉
Morbid Dreams 7

Another little scene I couldn’t resist snapping – I love the adorable ballet bunnies and their teacher, looking down her cute button nose at them over her rose-colored glasses.

You can also see some cute little satyrs frolicking in the background. 😛
Morbid Dreams 8

As you explore, you’ll find a balloon ride, kayaks, and horses.  When you’re done exploring, stop at the bakery shoppe and grab something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

I had a fantastic time exploring Morbid Dreams.  It’s a mix of whimsy, fun, and a bit of dark humor, all wrapped in adorableness – much like Zed herself!

Artiste Producer Suite Class – K&M SOPA

Kat&Mouse SOPA Logo WhiteOn Sunday, March 13, at 12pm SLT (noon), I will be giving a short class on the products in the Artiste Producer Suite.

We have a theater set up with all the pieces installed so that you can come and play with them and see what they do.

The class is open to anyone who is interested, you do not need to own the Producer Suite in order to attend.

If you’re interested, IM me in-world for the class LM.

Hope to see you there!

Avi Choice Awards – Dance!!!!

Image Source:  avichoiceawards.com
Image Source: avichoiceawards.com

Ok, I’m not sure why I haven’t seen this information all OVER my feed/news/groups/etc.

I am super excited about this, so I am sharing it here.

The Avi Choice Awards nomination process is now open and some of the categories include:

  • Favorite Particle Artist/Performer
  • Favorite Theater/Production Venue
  • Favorite Dance Troupe or Show
  • Favorite Dance Choreographer
  • Favorite Dance Choreography Tool
  • Favorite Dance Animations
  • Favorite Stage/Theater Costume Designer
  • Favorite Stage/Set Design
  • Favorite Arts/Entertainment SL Group

There are many other categories as well, but these are the ones for dance.

Don’t miss this opportunity!!!!

The nominations are open until January 28th at noon SLT (that’s only 4 days away!!!) and you have to provide your SL name with your nominations (it will be kept confidential).

Go here to enter your nominations.

You will also need to provide the avatar key for nominees.

I would love for everyone to nominate those in the dance community they feel deserve recognition for their efforts to elevate dance in SL.  😀

Why are you still reading this?  Go nominate!!!!!

Windows? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Windows!

Image Source: inthralld.com
Image Source: inthralld.com

In chatting with a friend the other day, he asked why a lot of clubs in SL have no windows.

I had to stop and think for a moment. (Scary, I know!)

Do clubs in SL have windows?  As I thought back to shows I’ve attended and the venues they were in, I realized that most venues don’t have windows.

Why is that?

Is it because the weather in SL can be whatever you want, so there’s no need to have a window to look outside?

Is it because whatever is outside the window will be a distraction?

Is is because there isn’t anything outside the window?  I know many clubs are up in the air (1000 meters or more), so perhaps it’s because there’s nothing to see?

I personally like having a few windows, but then, my build is on the ground, not up in the air.

Is it because theaters in RL don’t have windows, so therefore, neither do theaters in SL?

Nai suggested that there were other reasons, including that having windows (and a light source) can make particles look bad, since they tend to be full-bright, as well as the fact that you can control the light sources when taking pictures if there are no windows.  I have never played around with particles before, so I’ll have to try it and report back.

Do clubs/venues in SL need windows?

Sound off, readers!