The Trace Too – Summer Trace

The Trace has long been a go-to destination for photographers and beauty lovers.  There have been some changes, so I decided to head back for another look.

What I discovered is that there are now three (3!) Traces – decorated for Summer, Fall, and Winter.  The Trace Too is the Summer Trace, and it was absolutely gorgeous.

beach buoy

This was my view upon landing – simply stunning. I love the soft pinks and purples in the horizon. The waves and water are so realistic – I just stood and listened and looked for a while.

beach house at The Trace Too

There are several beach houses dotted around the sim, all superbly staged.  They looked so comfy and cozy, it was hard to resist plopping down onto one of the swinging chairs and lazing the day away.

chair at The Trace Too

There were also little vignettes here and there, like this adorable sun chair, tucked in under a sheltering tree branch.

Fountain at The Trace Too

I love fountains, and this lovely maiden with her fishy companion was just too cute.  Something about the sound of running water is so soothing.

beach house at The Trace Too

All the beach houses were lovely, surrounded by the water and gorgeous fields of colorful flowers.

vintage car at The Trace Too

My favorite find was this vintage car.  I can just imagine driving around, top down, the wind blowing through my hair, taking in all the gorgeous sights.

The Trace Too is a must-visit!

Winter Beauty at The Trace Too

While I was out and about wandering the other day, I ended up over at The Trace Too.

I can’t say enough about how beautiful the sim is – I spent quite a bit of time wandering around, just looking at the peaceful scenery.

The Trace Too 1

The houses look so cozy in the midst of winter, with all the snow on the rooftops.

The Trace Too 2

I love log cabins in the mountains, and the landscaping and decorating on the sim is simply spectacular.

The Trace Too 3

My husband and I hope to retire someplace exactly like this – a snug, cozy little cabin in the mountains, surrounded by peace and serenity.

The Trace Too 4

Or an A-frame like this one, which I think is absolutely gorgeous. 🙂

If you have never been to The Trace Too, I highly recommend a visit.

It is simply stunning.