Another Milestone – 600 Posts!

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I often (usually) schedule my posts to publish, so I am not often sitting at my computer when they do.

Which means I miss the ‘You’ve published X number of posts!’ announcement from WordPress when they publish.

And so, I realized yesterday that I have passed another milestone with my blog. :-/

600 posts!

Who knew I had that much to say?

I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you who read, lurk, like, laugh, comment, and share my blog.


I’d hug you all, but then it would probably get all awkward and weird, especially since I’m not really a hugger . . .

Anyway – thank you for going on this journey with me, and here’s to many more posts!



For the last few days, the news in RL has been filled with stories of hate and rage.

So, I thought I’d share a story I found – one of those stories that makes me hope someday the human race will wake up and realize just how much better our world could be if we were all just a bit nicer to each other.


Sometimes You Just Want to Say Thank You

To all my friends and family – Happy Thanksgiving!