Thinking Positive

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I’ve been talking the last few days about feeling indecisive and directionless.

I still am, but I have decided to approach everything with a positive attitude.

I may not know where I am going, but at least I can enjoy getting there.

The next few days will be busy for me, so I am really challenging myself to stay on target with what I want to accomplish.

So far, so good. 🙂

Projects ahead of me at the moment:

  • Consolidating land/holdings in SL – possibly moving ??
  • Opening a photography business in SL – eek!
  • Working on getting my SL blog syndicated
  • Streamlining my SL workflow  – social media, photos, blogging, etc.
  • Figuring out how to self-publish a book (if you have any info/tips – throw ’em at me!)
  • Working on my next book
  • Learning more about Photoshop
  • Continue working through the black hole I call inventory 🙂

As you can see, I have lots of projects.

I’m going to have to get used to more mobile working, I think.

I have a smartphone and an iPad, so I’m hoping I can make more use of them to get things done while I’m out and about (say, like waiting two hours between kids’ sporting events).

I always think I don’t have enough time, but I am trying to change my attitude about that as well.

I have a sign on my desk that reminds me that I have exactly the same number of hours in a day as everyone else.

Learning to use them wisely – now that’s a challenge!