Armed & Dangerous – LOTD #235

LOTD 235
Swords poised, she waited.

Eyes narrowed, lip curled into

a snarl, she feinted.


Now that we have entered the holiday season, I find myself with too much do to and not nearly enough time to do it all.

I bought this outfit ages ago just discovered it sitting in my inventory.  The armor is from Flecha, part of a gacha set at the recent Jackpot Gacha event.

I love the texture of it, the appearance of well-worn metal.  It came in several different colors, and I was lucky enough to get a set in the red and the blue.

I found the accessories after digging in my inventory.  The horns are from Tabou Irresistible and the swords are so old, I have no idea where I got them, sorry.

The boots I picked up a long time ago from Yasum, but they are still fabulous.  The eye makeup is from White Widow – I love their stuff.

My hair is a recent release from Truth (my favorite hair store).  And even though I’m not wearing my mesh body or head, I lucked out and didn’t have to do a lot of post-processing to get rid of jagged edges.

The rest of the photo came about from me playing with my newly acquired ‘erase green screen background’ skills. 😛



Hair: Truth – Focus

Skin: Eye Candi – Nina – Tone 4

Eyes:  IKON – Triumph – Electric

Eyeliner: DeeTaleZ – Black Eyeliner

Eye Tattoo:  White Widow – Earth – Black/Pink

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modded)

Hands: Slink – Elegant

Outfit : Flecha – Jezebel Armor – Red/Black

Boots: Yasum – Trend Boots – Black Leather

Horns: Tabou Irresistible – Out of World – Black

Swords:  Lion Swords

Pose:  Eternal Dreams – Alassra

Uncertainty – LOTD #234

LOTD 234
She stood awkwardly.

Biting her lip, she wondered

if he would like this.


I saw these boots advertised on Facebook and ran right over to pick them up.

From Rebel Hope, they are just fabulous.

I love the garters and the suede material.

As I was opening all my other boxes, I came across this outfit from Suki.

I can’t remember where I picked it up (I think On9), but it’s gorgeous, and it comes with Omega appliers, so it works with my Maitreya body.

The hair is from Exile, makeup from Slack Girl and Izzie’s.

I’m enjoying the expressions Lelutka added to their heads.  It gives me a lot more flexibility when taking photos, which I love. ❤

I’ve also started using the brush I made with my signature, which I am also loving.  So much easier to use than faffing with text in Photoshop!



Hair: Exile – The Countess

Skin: Glam Affair – India

Eyes:  IKON – Triumph – Electric

Eyeliner: Slack Girl – Line Me

Lipstick: Izzie’s – Natural Lips Applier

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modded)

Hands/Feet/Body: Maitreya – Lara

Head: Lelutka – Lotte

Outfit: Suki – Heaven Dress

Boots: Rebel Hope – Avila Mesh Boots – Black

Pose:  Label Motion

Nostalgia – LOTD #231

LOTD 231
It was almost 8.

She grinned to herself, anxious

to meet him rinkside.



Hair: Vanity – Pin Up HP – Cerise

Skin: Eye Candi – Nina – Tone 4

Eyes:  IKON – Utopia – Pale Cerulean

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modded)

Hands: Slink Elegant

Dress:  Meli Imako – Mesh Heart Apron Dress

Skates/Legwarmers/Pose: N-Core – Skates – White (@Kustom9)

Location: France 3D


This is another photo that was inspired by one item – these fantabulous skates from N Core, now available at Kustom9!

You can make them roller skates OR ice skates. They come with a color change HUD to change the color of the wheels, laces, and legwarmers.  You can also remove the legwarmers, if you prefer.

I love them!  So adorable!

Once I put them on, I knew I wanted to do a retro/vintage themed pic.  I started searching through inventory and found this cute apron dress I wore in a previous dance routine.

The vintage hair from Vanity is just perfect – I love her retro styles. ❤

I started scouting locations and noticed that the skates from N Core also included an AO.  I put it on, and voilá – instant pose options!

This adorable pose and others are in the included AO, as well as some basic skating animations.  So whether you’re roller- or ice-skating, you’re covered.

I know I’m going to get a lot of use out of these skates. 😛

Seasons – LOTD #230

LOTD 230
She took a moment

to relax; season changes

were so exhausting.



Hair: Truth – Louisa (group gift)

Skin: Eye Candi – Nina – Tone 4

Eyes:  IKON – Utopia – Pale Cerulean

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modded)

Hands/Feet: Slink Elegant/High

Corset/Headpiece:  EMO-tions – Sylvana (@WLRP)


Bed/Pose: Consignment – The Nested Daybed

Tree: Laudanum Lollipops – Embrace Tree


I’ve been so busy with other things lately that I haven’t had much time to take photos.

Which is a shame, because I have a TON of fantastic items I’ve picked up over the last several weeks.

I’m going to try and get several pics done over the next few days so that I can share the cool finds with you before some of the events close!

This picture was inspired by the corset, which I had totally forgotten I bought. :-/

I’ve been doing so much shopping lately, I’m overwhelmed with boxes again.  But when I opened this one and put it on, the rest of the picture fell together.

The corset and headpiece are just lovely, and made me think of nymphs, fairies, dryads, and Mother Nature.

I knew immediately I wanted to use the Nested Daybed from Consignment, which I was lucky enough to snag at a recent FLF sale. 😀

The hair is the latest group gift from Truth, called Louisa.  It’s the variety pack, which I love, because then I can change my hair color depending on my mood. There’s also a color change HUD for the pony tail holder (which you can’t see in this pic).

The tree in the background is something I bought ages ago and recently re-discovered during an inventory search. 😛

If you want to pick up the corset for yourself, WLRP is open until November 30.

Stage Fright – LOTD #229

LOTD 229
She stopped suddenly;

her tears began to well up.

She wasn’t ready.



Hair: Lelutka – Lumen – Marilyn (Group Gift)

Skin: Laqroki – Martina – Mocha

Eyes:  Dulce Secrets – Terra Firma Eyes – Hydrangea

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modded)

Hands: Slink Elegant

Outfit (Body, Stockings, Sleeves): Glitzz – Bonny

Accessories (Boa, Cigarette Holder): Glitzz – Bonny

Shoes: Pure Poison – Adrianna Boots

Pose: Nantra (modified)


I’ve been on a bit of a Photoshop kick lately, so I’ve been taking more pictures, just as an excuse to play around. 😛

Also, it gives me an excuse to sort through my stacks of boxes to discover what goodies I’ve forgotten about.

I saw this hair on another blog, so I went over to pick it up and try it (free hair, why not?!).

It’s from Lelutka, so I’m hoping that means it will play nicely with my Lelutka head, when I get around to wearing it again.

Which will probably be soon – I do NOT miss having to liquify every photo to get rid of jagged edges on the system avis!

(Why must elbows look like the alps when your arm bends??!!)

I saw this outfit and accessories from Glitzz and just couldn’t resist the old school look.

The outfit comes with the stockings and wrist ties; the accessories – the cigarette holder, the boa, and a top hat – are sold separately.

I know I’ll get a lot of use out of them. 😀

The boots are from Pure Poison, and I’ve been waiting for just the right photo to wear them.

They come with this version for the regular system avi, as well as versions for all the popular mesh bodies.

I still have some playing around to do with other photos, but it’s back to unboxing and sorting for me!

Pure Theater – LOTD #228

LOTD 228
She shifted, the harp

digging into her shoulder.

What was the hold up?



Hair: No Match – No Limit – Reds

Skin: Laqroki – Martina – Mocha

Eyes:  IKON – Triumph Eyes – Electric

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modded)

Dress: Petite Mort – Lucretia Dress – Nude (@Tres Chic)

Hands: Slink – Elegant

Harp/Pose: Muse! – Harp – White (@Garden Gacha)


I’m a sucker for soft hair styles, and when I saw this hair from No Match, I had to have it.

I got at the Boho Culture Fair (which ended on November 2, sorry).

When I saw this dress at Tres Chic, I fell in love with it.

It’s classic, vintage, and the epitome of elegance and romance.

Tres Chic ended yesterday (sorry again), but you can try the mainstore or MP to see if you can find it.

I love it, and I know it will be a staple in my wardrobe.

In my recent shopping forays, I made a visit to the Gacha Garden event.

I know, I know, I’ve sworn off of gachas.

I still play them occasionally, but only if it’s items like shoes or hair, and I like all the colors.

(Because I can never have enough shoes!)

However, while I was there, I stumbled across the harp gacha from Muse.

I’d been looking for a harp, and this seemed like serendipity.

One pull, and I got the white.


White goes with everything. 😀

So I slipped into my gorgeous dress, fixed my adorable hair, and hopped on the harp, which comes with 6 built-in poses.

Two of them are playing the harp, but I loved the dramatic flair of this one.

I also had fun playing around with this photo in Photoshop.

I love adding textures and I’ve recently discovered the ‘blend if’ technique, so I’ve been experimenting with it as well.

A vignette layer was added at the end – I love how it gives the edges of the photo a dark blue tinge.

The Fall – LOTD #227

LOTD 227
She hovered, waiting.

She hoped they would not fail her.

She began to fall.



Hair: D!va – Iris (group gift)

Skin: Laqroki – Martina – Mocha

Eyes:  IKON – Triumph Eyes – Electric

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modded)

Wrap: Caboodle – Shen Sashes – Red (@TFC – closes Nov. 15)

Wrist Ribbons: Caboodle – Gift @ TFC

Hands: Slink – Elegant

Headpiece: Caboodle – Winged Headpiece – Red Rose

Pose: Nantra (modified)


I saw this adorable hair from D!va and just had to go get it.

It’s a group gift (group is free to join) and it’s simply fantastic.

It comes in pieces, so you can mix/match to get different looks with it.

I love the soft, wispy style.

After I put it on, I knew I wanted to pair it with the outfit I got from Caboodle at the current round of The Fantasy Collective.

I love the fantasy look of the wrapped sash and the winged headpiece goes with it perfectly, of course.

The sash is just plain red, the texture you see is something I added in Photoshop.

The wrist wraps are a gift from Caboodle (found in their pumpkin at TFC) and come in a variety of colors.

This round of TFC ends on November 15, so if you want to pick up these gems for yourself, you better hurry!

I had a lot of fun playing around in Photoshop on this photo.

There’s actually about 5 different layers in it, including some I added to soften it and give it a bit of texture.

Every time I play around and experiment, I learn something new!

I didn’t get to spend much time unboxing yesterday, so hopefully I can make some headway today.

Enjoy your hump day, folks!

Dia de los Muertos – LOTD #225

LOTD 225
Her arms moved slowly;

she felt the pressure building.

Then it exploded.



Hair: No Match – No Promise

Skin: Laqroki – Martina – Mocha

Eyes:  IKON – Triumph Eyes – Electric

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modded)

Hands/Feet: Slink Elegant, Slink High

Makeup:  Ezura Xue – Dia de los Muertos Face+Neck Tattoo

Costume (includes headpiece, corset, shoulder candles, panties, skirts, chest skeleton): Boudoir – Moria Couture

Earrings: Indyra – Briolette Drop – Noir

Bracelets: Etham – Leather Cuff Bracelets

Garter: Apple May – Witchcraft Leg Garter

Shoes: Rebel Hope – Elvia Mesh Heels – Black

Pose: Abranimations


Zombie: Boudoir – Dead Zombie

Headstones:  DDD – Classic Grave Markers

Pentagram: Paper Moon – Devil Trap Decal


I should start calling these ‘Look of the Week’ posts instead of LOTD posts. -.-

It’s gotten crazy busy for me, but in a good way.

Since today is Halloween, I wanted to get this pic posted, even if it’s almost over. 😛

This is a costume I wore for a performance at the Main Event Show Lounge for our Halloween show.

I love Boudoir, but a lot of their items do not ‘dance’ well.

Luckily for me, this one did, because I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. 😀

Since this was purely a ‘fun’ pic for me, I have edited it in Photoshop.

I’ve added the green sparkles, as well as some of the spooky green highlights.

I am constantly amazed at the flexibility of Photoshop and how much fun I have playing around with different options and features.

I have several programs that will add effects for me in one-click, but I get much more enjoyment from playing around myself and seeing what cool effects I can make.

It’s been a quiet evening here, not one trick-or-treater at all.

I hope you are all enjoying your Halloween.

Me, I’m ready for fall, Thanksgiving, and turkey. 😛

My Work Here Is Done – LOTD #219

LOTD 219 - My Work Here Is Done
The doll maid paused, pleased.

Her work here was done and it

was time for her break.



Hair: D!va – Layla – Moonstone

Skin: Eye Candi – Nina – Tone 4

Eyes:  IKON – Triumph Eyes – Electric

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modded)

Tattoo: Hekate – Cracked Doll – Full Face and Doll Lines  (@Genre)

Hands: Slink – Elegant

Costume (including feather duster):  Livid – Bloody French Maid   (@Twisted Hunt)

Pose:  Diesel Works


Funky Junk – Picture, Bookcase, Caged Raven, Standing Candelabra, Small Candelabra

The Elegant Goth – Bloody Body Under the Rug – Male


Another dark and twisted LOTD post. 😛

I love this French Maid costume from Livid.

It comes with the dress, feather duster, collar, headband, shoes, stockings – all of it.

I happened to be wearing this hair from D!va when I tried on the costume, and I thought it was perfect.

While out shopping for FLF, I happened upon this cute gothic Halloween decor set from Funky Junk.

I know I will get a lot of use out of these items.

The doll skin tattoo I picked up at the current round of Genre – I can’t believe I didn’t have one of these before!

I found the bloody body under the rug hiding in my inventory. 😀

I’m not sure if I’m just getting into the Halloween spirit, or if the Twisted Hunt has rubbed off on me.

Dark is fun, but I think I’m ready for something a little lighter next time.

We shall see. 😛


I like the way the male body looks as well, but the shopping/wearing system is just ridiculously complicated. I’d rather save my L$ and buy elsewhere than go through this hassle!



So, this was going to be a blog post about these absolutely ruddy amazing FRUK ‘Compound Shorts’ that I spotted on Flickr and just had to get for Jez because I knew they would look utterly brilliant (and I was right because they do).   Instead, it’s going to turn into a Kitty-rant. It’s kind of an odd Kitty rant too, because the products that I’m going to explode about (in a manner befitting a Sunday of course), are actually very good indeed.  But they’re also seriously over-priced with a purchasing and styling system that is beyond convoluted. Can you tell what it is yet?

However, before I go on my grumble journey let me tell you about what Jez is wearing because he does look rather grand.  I really do like the FRUK ‘Compound’ shorts because as you can see they’re well-shaped and styled but above all else feature a great texture choice…

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