Sometimes It’s the Little Things

Last week I spent some time exploring a few sims and taking photos.  It’s amazing how much I remember and how much I have forgotten about taking photos in SL.

Part of the joy of photography in SL for me is getting to play around in Photoshop after taking photos.  I love trying out different things – it’s a discovery process for me, because I am largely self-taught when it comes to Photoshop.

I have an older version, back before the subscription model started, so I actually own the software.  It’s outdated, yes, but it still lets me do lots of fun things.

One of the pictures I took last week I wasn’t really happy with.  It seemed kind of bland and blah.  I played around with cropping and then tried some different effects, but I didn’t really find anything I liked.  So I set the photos aside for a few days and worked on other things.

Yesterday I sat down to do some editing and picked this photo back up.  I cropped it and added some background blur.  I still wasn’t happy with the photo, so I added a simple lens flare effect.  It completely changed the photo.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make you happy. 😀

Where Beauty is Neverfar

After completing my course through Visionaire, I’ve been even more excited to travel around SL and find gorgeous sims to practice with.

I keep a list of places that I’d like to visit when I have time to go for a photo wander.  Neverfar was on that list, so away I went!

VR WindmillI must say, Neverfar absolutely fantastic.  I normally play around with various windlights when I take photos, but the sim windlight is spectacular.

All the earth tones were fabulous, and the landscaping and decorating were amazing.

Neverfar Artist VignetteEverywhere I looked there was another stunning view.  I would love to have an outdoor studio space like this one.

VR Living Room VintageI was blown away by the design aesthetic of the whole sim.  I’m normally not a fan of shabby chic or rustic vintage, but this sim is one I could definitely live in.  The sumptuousness of the decor and the lived-in, cozy feel made for some spectacular scenes.

Swamp HouseAs I walked around, I found surprise after surprise, including this fabulous little patio area.

Beach HouseThis little shack with its comfy chair makes you want to just kick off your shoes, sit down, and relax with your favorite book.

Boardwalk Cafe VintageIf you get thirsty, you can head a short ways down the boardwalk and grab a cold drink at this gorgeous little cafe stand.

Neverfar sim SLOne of the things I love about SL is being able to see the creative genius of its residents.  I was actually surprised how much I enjoyed Neverfar – it’s not my usual style, but it is so gorgeous.  I found myself staying much longer than I normally do, just to let the beauty sink deep into my soul.

Take a few minutes and go for a visit – it will not disappoint.

African Beauty at Devin

I saw some pictures of Devin from other photographers, and I just had to go take a look for myself.

Devin Landscape

The sim is gorgeous.  This was taken near the landing point – the sun shining down on the water, the elephants at play – I couldn’t resist snapping a shot.

I’m a sucker for animals, so I had an absolute blast wandering the sim and taking photos.


I mean, how adorable is this tiny elephant?! There were animals of various kinds all around the sim, along with various areas where you could sit and just enjoy the scenery.

giraffe taking a drink

As I zoomed around with my camera, I found these giraffes taking a short siesta. Such magnificent creatures!

vintage rusty car

There were other things to look at besides the animals, including this rusty vintage car, probably for use as some sort of cobbled together shelter from all the animals.  It doesn’t look very comfortable, though.


This was one of my favorite areas  – who doesn’t love baby zebras?!  Mama was a tad overprotective of her little one, so I kept a respectful distance.

Devin landscape

The sim was so beautiful I wanted a wide-angle shot of everything.  The river running through it, all the animals, the sand, and the sun – a fantastic and wonderful place to spend a few hours and soak in the beauty of nature.

Byrd Island

Perusing my way through the Destination Guide, I came upon Byrd Island.  It sounded intriguing so I went to see for myself.


The land description reads, “Take a step back in time to explore this once inhabited island. The Light house keeper and his family left the island never to return. Could it have been the birds, or something else? Byrd Island is now open for tours.”  Indeed, the island was empty of inhabitants, other than the multitude of birds.

Since the island was empty, save for me, I took the opportunity to take some time and experiment with the lens settings as per Myra Wildmist’s blog posts.  I was able to get the full sim shot above, though I obviously need some more practice!


The island itself is a bit foreboding, with a windlight that gives it a spooky feel.  Add in the ravens flying around everywhere, and you can almost imagine Tippi Hedren running around screaming. 😀


There are lots of nooks and crannies to explore, and since there is no one else about, don’t be shy about poking around.

This would be a wonderful place to take some spooky and/or eerie photos, now that Halloween is fast approaching. 😛

Winter Beauty at Warm Springs

I love to visit different sims and explore the beauty that others have created in SL.

I suck at decorating, inside or outside, so I am always amazed at what people are able to create.  Many of these places are just so gorgeous I have to share!

Warm Springs 1I recently visited a place called Warm Springs.  It’s still decorated for winter, but it is breathtaking.

I love the wintery blue hues of the sim – and such a fantastic lighthouse (one of my favorite things to photograph in SL).

Warm Springs 2There are lots of nooks and crannies to explore, along with some amazing builds.

Who wouldn’t love to come home to this adorable little house?

Warm Springs 3My husband would love to live near the water, and having this deck/dock right off your living room is his idea of heaven. 🙂

Warm Springs 4I saw this fishing boat trawling off the coast and couldn’t resist taking a pic.  I am not a huge fan of seafood, but it would be a dream come true to live this close to the water.

Warm Springs 5I love this little ticket booth – buy your ticket and hop on board for a 3 hour tour. 😛

Take a few moments out of your day and make a quick trip over to Warm Springs.  You’ll be glad you did!

15,000 Prims


I am so excited to see that Whiskey Monday has gotten approved for an LEA grant.

She is one of my favorite SL artists (even if she doesn’t consider herself one, I do).

Her photos are simply amazing – and every one of them has made me pause and think.  Love her work!

Now that she has a sim, she’s giving everyone a chance to do what she does.

Sort of reminds me of my dance experiment. 🙂

I, for one, will be visiting the sim and taking the opportunity to snap some pics.

Who knows, maybe I’ll find my inner photographer. 😀

Stats Flatlined

I was looking at my blog stats this morning and they have flatlined . . .

My own fault – darn RL is interfering with my ability to post!  I am super-busy this weekend with RL stuff, but if you aren’t, there’s tons of interesting and entertaining things to go see/do:

  • Grab your ticket for Paradise Lost – last I saw, they were almost sold out for the month of May, and there’s only a few show remaining in this season.
  • Tonight at 5pm, catch the Winds of the Sahara Cabaret show – the dancers there always put on a good show!
  • At 6pm, KiKi’s House of Burlesque does their weekly show.
  • If dance isn’t your thing, check out some really cool and amazing sims – hit up your destination guide to find some, or head over to the Petrovsky Flux sim.  Be sure to wear your protective headgear!
  • Check out the latest installment of the Drax Files radio hour – there’s always something new and fun mentioned.
  • The Pose Fair 2014 opened yesterday – stop by and check it out.  I’m hoping to find some time to do that later today. 😛

I’m always on the lookout for something new, exciting, and/or fun to do in SL (especially dance shows) – so hit me up if you know of some!

Enjoy your Sunday!