SL Photography: Simulating a 24mm lens – Kultivate Magazine

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Another great post in her series about camera settings in SL photography from Myra Wildmist.

Learn how to simulate a 24mm lens for landscape, architectural, and interior photos.

Link to article below:

Kultivate contributor, Myra Wildmist, discusses how you can simulate a 24mm lens in Second Life: Last time we looked at how you could use Firestorm (FS) Phototools to mimic a 20mm wide-angle lens. …

Source: SL Photography: Simulating a 24mm lens – Kultivate Magazine

5 Ways to Make Your Photoshop Life Easier

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Some very helpful information on how to organize and personalize your Photoshop workspace(s) to work better for the way YOU work.

I didn’t even realize I could change some of these options, so I shall have to do some experimenting of my own with these.

Source: 5 Ways to Make Your Photoshop Life Easier

Simulating a 20mm lens in SL – Kultivate Magazine

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Another great article from Myra Wildmist about simulating different lenses in your SL photography:

Kultivate Contributor Myra Wildmist is back with a new tutorial. This time she demonstrates how to simulate a 20 mm lens in SL: Last time, I showed how to change your Phototool settings to mimic di…

Source: Simulating a 20mm lens in SL – Kultivate Magazine

SL Photography: Simulating popular lenses in Phototools – Windlight Magazine

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This is a great article (and series) on photography in Second Life.  I’m definitely going to be trying out these settings and see what impact it has on my photography!!

Read more here:

Windlight Contributor Myra Wildmist explores how you can Simulate popular lenses via the Second Life PhototoolsL When you take a snapshot in Second Life, you’re essentially using a 50mm lens:…

Source: SL Photography: Simulating popular lenses in Phototools – Windlight Magazine

How to set a top-down camera | Pussycat Catnap’s thoughts

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I can see instances where having a camera setting like this would be useful.

Do you have weird/odd angles you like to use in SL?

Source: How to set a top-down camera | Pussycat Catnap’s thoughts


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So far, 2015 is turning out to be a bang-up year.

I spent New Year’s Day with my favorite people, saw a great movie, and ate at one of our favorite restaurants.

After getting back home, I logged in to do some blogging and some housekeeping in SL.

Since I’ve started the LOTD feature on the blog, I did some research on graphics/computer settings and watched some Photoshop tutorials.

I decided to bump up my graphics setting to Ultra and see what happened.

Hubs bought me a new graphics card a while ago, and last week he increased the RAM in my PC.

He’s currently shopping for a new processor for me, but in the meantime, I wanted to see how well I could run SL on Ultra.

After making all the changes, I decided to do some shopping and exploring.

I am loving my new mesh body, but I was debating whether to get a new shape and/or skin to go with it.

The League announced that they had released appliers for the Maitreya bod, so I went over and picked up some skin and shape demos.

I think I picked up around 5 new shapes and 6 new skins to try out.

I spent about an hour trying on the various shapes and skins.

I didn’t like any of the new shapes.

They just weren’t – me.

So for now, I am keeping my shape.

I tried all the skin demos from Glam Affair and League.

I managed to narrow it down to three choices – two from Glam Affair and one from League.

I must say, it clearly has been a while since I went skin shopping, as I about dropped my teeth at some of the prices.

After doing some price comparisons, and debating the ease of use with my new mesh body, I opted for one of the Glam Affair skins.

I like the League skin and I may go back and get one later, but for now, the GA skin is good.  One click on my body HUD and everything matches – head, hands, feet.

I managed to travel around and do my shopping without crashing, so I figured it was safe to try and take some photos with everything on Ultra.

I put on an outfit and headed out to find a picturesque sim to snap a few shots.

I am AMAZED at how much better my photos came out.  I mean, I knew they would be better, but I didn’t realize just how much.

I played around with some poses and a couple of windlights and took a few pictures.

My computer was a little slow in making some of the changes, but I didn’t crash.

When I went and opened the photos in Photoshop, I was even more amazed.

In the past I have always had to do some editing of a photo to get it to look somewhat decent.

I am by no means a Photoshop wiz, but I would smooth out edges, add some shadows, etc.

This time, all I did was crop the photo and resize it so it would load decently on the blog.

That’s it.

I am excited about how much time I can save without having to edit every photo I take.

And I’m excited about how much better everything in SL looks, including me!

Here’s to a great 2015!!

MY SL Doesn’t Look Like Your SL

I went to a dance show recently, and during the show, I was reminded several times that things are not always equal in SL.

I have an older computer with a new graphics card.  However, it is still not a great enough graphics card that I can use top-of-the-line settings when I am in SL.  (That’s on my current wishlist!)  I now have better internet (thank the Lord!), but I am still not able to run SL on Ultra graphics settings.  I did turn on shadows recently, something I couldn’t do on my old, crappy internet.

But I still do things to limit my lag – I turn down my draw distance, I don’t run on Ultra, I lower the number of particles, etc.

At the dance show, I was hopeful the better internet would allow me to enjoy (and photograph) the show successfully.

It mostly worked.

I was able to watch the show and take a number of photos without too much trouble.  However, there are always those little things.

At most dance shows, you are asked to remove scripted items, AO’s, facelights, etc. to help reduce the lag.  You are also almost always asked to set your viewer to midnight.

I rarely do.  When I set my viewer to midnight, I feel like I miss half of the show.  I don’t think a lot of performers give a lot of thought to the lighting of their performances.  I like to be able to see the performer’s face.  And since most shows don’t use a spotlight, I usually end up turning my viewer back to a midday setting so I can actually see the show.

It was a terrific show, one that I enjoyed very much.  But it was those little things that kept interrupting – breaking that ‘fourth wall,’ as it were.  Due to my computer, even though I arrived about 20 minutes before the show started, everything did not rezz as it should have.  In one number, the performer’s feet were showing (in that lovely pointy look you get when you wear the shoe base), even though I could clearly see her mesh shoes.  I don’t know if she forgot to wear the shoe alpha, or if it was just my computer.  In another number, the flexi parts of the performer’s costume were grey until about halfway through the set.

The show ended with an act that had a number of set changes, and my poor computer just couldn’t keep up with all the new things appearing.  Just as a set would finally rezz in for me, it would disappear and I would be waiting on the next one.  Although I understood the effect the performer was going for, it’s hard to enjoy a visual spectacle that you can’t see.  (Something like getting seats to a great game and then finding out they are behind a post – argggh!)

Particles and effects can also cause problems.  In one of the numbers, there was a point where a particle effect went off.  My screen filled – with giant grey squares, completely obscuring my view of the stage and the performers.  Sigh.  The next time the effect triggered, I was able to enjoy the view, as my computer had finally rezzed the texture – a flurry of small, tiny snowflakes.  -.-

During the show, I initially set my viewer to midnight, as requested.  However, everything seemed too dark and it made it difficult to see the performers.

As an experiment, I took a picture of myself in-world, using both settings – midday and midnight.  I am not wearing a facelight, and I did not edit these photos (other than cropping them).

Kat - Midday
Midday Setting
Kat - Midnight
Midnight Setting – I’m in there, I swear!

I wonder if the performers create their sets with their viewers set to midnight?  Do they wear facelights?  Interesting questions – and ones I hope to pose to some of these performers!

What does your SL look like?