Revisiting Sansar

I visited Sansar for the first time two days ago.  My first thoughts were like those of many: meh?

I want to like Sansar. I really do. But my first visit was not that impressive.  Granted, I’m visiting via PC instead of VR, so clearly I am not the ‘targeted’ consumer at this point.  I’m also not a creator (though I’m working on that), so what I can do in Sansar right now is limited.

I can walk, talk, and take photos.  That’s about it.

My first visit was out of curiosity – to see if it lived up to the hype. For me, not yet.  Some of the computer specs are pretty stiff, and my graphics card, while great for SL, works overtime a lot when wandering around Sansar.

My initial impressions aside, I wanted to go back in and look around again, especially after reading some of the posts people have written about their initial experiences in Sansar.

Is it as robust as SL?  Nope.  It’s still in beta, so of course it won’t be.  They are still developing Sansar as I write this, and likely will be for some time to come.  SL as it is now looks nothing like what it did 1, 2, or even 5 years ago.  (Flexi hair, anyone?) So Sansar as it will be may look nothing like what it does today.

My plan is to log in every so often and check things out as they are updated.  And also to take lots of pretty pictures. 😀

Grand Gardens in Sansar

Today I visited the Grand Hall and Gardens experience by Loz Hyde.  This is the view when you gaze off into the distance.  The clouds, the light rays – so gorgeous!

While I was wandering around taking photos, I experimented again with some of the camera controls and had much better luck this time.  It is a definite learning curve to ‘forget’ how I do things in SL and discover how to do them in Sansar.

My second visit was better than the first – enough to encourage me to try again.  In the meantime, my better half is searching for a VR headset so we can both try Sansar via VR instead of PC.  We’ll see what happens. 😀

Entering Sansar

As you’ve probably heard by now, Sansar has opened its beta doors.  I’m not sure whether Sansar is something I’ll stick with, but I wanted to at least try it out (and snag my avatar name before anyone else did!).

I watched several of Strawberry Singh’s Sansar videos, which were really helpful, because there isn’t a lot of information on how Sansar works (that I found, at least).

First you have to set up a Sansar account (click for the link, because I had to search around for it – you’re welcome 😛 ).  Once you set up your account and verify your email, the next step is to download the Sansar client.

The specs seem pretty stiff to me, so if you have an older computer, you may find it takes a while for things to load.  I have a decent graphics card, and it still took a few minutes for some of the experiences to load.

I will say, the graphics are fantastic.  I snapped a couple of pics, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to take a hi-res photo in Sansar as you can in SL.

god rays in sansar

The avatars leave a lot to be desired compared to what is available in SL. I’m sure Sansar will catch up as creators join. There are some customization options, but they are currently fairly limited.

For now, I’ve set up my account and I will probably log in now and again to see what new improvements they make.  In the meantime, SL will be getting most of my game time, and what free time I have left over will be spent trying (once again) to learn Blender.  My new 3D printer needs something to do, right? 😀

Reflections on a Lazy Sunday

This seemed appropriate with the birth of the new princess. :-)   Image Source:
This seemed appropriate with the birth of the new princess. 🙂
Image Source:

Well, I wish it was a lazy Sunday. 🙂

Things continue at the same level of craziness in RL, and it’s difficult to find time to do all the things I want to do, like blogging and taking photos!

I guess on the up side, I’m learning to do some of those things faster. 😛

I was reading through my feeds today and saw a post about rumors regarding the possible name of LL’s next gen platform.

I don’t know if I believe that SANSAR will be the actual name of the NGP, but who knows?

I also came across another post about Bright Canopy, the people who are in the process of creating a service to replace the now-defunct SL Go.

I am happy that a service to replace SL Go may be available shortly.

However, I myself am kind of struggling with my feelings towards SL lately.

It all started with the announcement about the Linux viewer.

Knowing that many of my friends will definitely be leaving SL in the near future has left me wondering how I feel about it all.

Do I think that SL will close any time soon?


But then, they didn’t think their access would be gone, either.

So you never know.

I have several projects already in the works, and several still in the planning stages, and now I’m wondering whether it’s worth it to me to put in the work on a platform that ‘could’ disappear at any time.

For now, I’m still forging ahead, but not with the same gusto as previously.

Over the years, I’ve spent quite a bit of RL money in this ‘game’ called SL.

As I was reading through the forum comments about LL’s request for ‘help’ with keeping the Linux viewer going, I read this:

“I understand the “idea” but SL is not a neighborhood volunteer vegetable garden. It is the product of a for-profit company. What company tells the “customer” to work for free?”

If you want to read the thread, you can find it here.

While I understand that the nature of SL requires a certain bit of give-and-take between users and LL, it does seem a bit odd for a company to say, “Hey – here’s our product.  We’d love for you to use it, but you have to help us keep it up and running.”

I totally understand that the Linux users may be a small community and that the revenue it generates is much less than the operating cost.

It makes perfect business sense to then say, “Sorry – it just isn’t cost-effective for us to provide this service.”

However, after my recent experience helping a new user create an account (and who has yet to log back in), I’m starting to wonder.

How long will it be before the things I’m interested in become no longer ‘cost-effective?’

Perhaps my thinking is just a reflection of the cyclical nature of things.

I have usually taken a hiatus from SL each year, to give myself time to recharge.

This year, because of the projects I have going (and have in the works), I haven’t – and don’t plan to – take a hiatus.

Do you ever feel the need to take a step back and reflect/recharge on your Second Life?