TerpsiCorps ARTwerks – Gothic Opera

Yesterday I attended the Gothic Opera dance show put on by TerpsiCorps ARTwerks.

The venue was lovely, and the crowd was large, around 80 on sim at my last count.

TerpsiCorps 1Opening the show was the beautiful Lil Angels, who did a fabulous number that was an homage to Snow White.

The music in the show was just gorgeous – lush, dramatic, and perfectly chosen.

(Note: Lil was using her Artiste HUD for this performance, so kudos to her! It was fantastic!)

TerpsiCorps 2After Lil was the ever-amazing Jilley, with an absolutely breath-taking costume.

The whole show was full of stunning visuals, so if you missed it, you missed out.

The set builds were all fantastic, and many of the routines included multiple set changes.

TerpsiCorps 3Following Jilley was Aubreya, every inch the terrifying the spider queen.

The build was fabulous, a terrific pairing with her choreography.

I love this image, with the fog rolling down the steps as she glares out menacingly.

TerpsiCorps 4Next up was Zahra, whose work I admire greatly.

Another gorgeous set build – 3 actually, and all amazing.

I love dramatic and lyrical dances, and this was by far one of my favorites.

TerpsiCorps 5Closing the show was Chrissy, joined by Lil and Jilley.

The dance started innocently enough, and ended with three gorgeous demonesses wreaking havoc wherever they went.

It was a fabulous show.ย  If you’re interested in attending future events (and you should be!) join the group to stay updated on the latest happenings.

SpotOn Stage Manager

SpotOn SMI’ve finally had a chance to unpack and try out the new Stage Manager from SpotOn.

I must say, it has some pretty nifty features.

I already own several rez boxes, so I was curious to see what new things I could do with it.

I’ve used a rez-faux rezzer (not my favorite), and I have the Multi-Scene rezzer, which I love.

I also have the Artiste rezzer, but I think that one I will do a separate review for, as it has a lot of very cool integrated features.

My curiosity about the SpotOn Stage Manager was piqued when I saw that you could use it at multiple venues (because it remembers the stage) and that you could rez it anywhere at your venue and it would still set up the build correctly.

The Old Way

Let me discuss for a minute how rezzing sets used to happen (and still does, in many cases).

Before there were rezzers, you would build your set at your home or building platform.

You would then pick it up as one coalesced object and then go to the performance venue.

Once there, you would rez the set, get it positioned correctly, and then pick it up.

You would then be able to use the ‘restore to last position’ feature to rez your set on the day of performance.

Some issues with this method is that ‘restore to last’ is not always available to use.

Also, depending on the items contained in your set build, linking it all together was not always possible or practical.

Rezzers Developed

When rezzers became available, they were widely adopted by performers.

Rezzers let you build your set elsewhere, pack everything into the rezzer, and then take the rezzer (with the set within it) to the performance venue.

In order to use a rezzer, all the items within it must have copy/mod permissions.

So no-copy items will not work with most rezzers.

Even though rezzers made some things easier, there were/are still issues.

With most rezzers, the position of the rezzer itself matters.

So often, you would go to the performance venue, rez the rez box, and then end up having to move the rez box around in order to get the set positioned correctly.

Maybe the venue prefers that the rezzers all be backstage or under the stage, so you would need to move it around to accommodate that desire.

There are ways around this issue, but it was/is still extra work.

With most rezzers, you will have a separate rezzer for each venue, because one set will not generally fit well on the stage at multiple venues (since the stages are usually different sizes).

SpotOn Stage Manager Benefits

SpotOn’s Stage Manager has similarities to other rezzers.

You can only rez one set at a time.

You can only use copy/mod items in your set builds.

SpotOn SM PersonalizedIt’s possible to personalize the Stage Manager – you can change the color (only to colors specified) and you can add a picture.

This is my personalized SM – I’ve changed the color to blue and added a photo so others know it’s my SM.

The biggest benefit of the SpotOn Stage Manager is that you can set it up to remember multiple stages.

Since many dancers perform at multiple venues, this is a great time saver.

You have a to do a bit of front-end work by going to each venue and setting up the rezzer to recognize each place.

The other big bonus with this rezzer is that where you rez/place the Stage Manager doesn’t matter.

Regardless of where you place the rezzer, your set will rez correctly.

Another small benefit is that with the Stage Manager, you don’t see objects rezzing out the audience and then disappearing as they snap into place.

SpotOn Stage Manager Differences

I did discover a few differences when using the Stage Manager versus using my Multi-Scene rezzer.

With the Multi-Scene, if I need to move something in my set build, I can reposition the object, and then ‘save back to object contents,’ and it will update the position of the object.

So the next time I rez the set, the change will be remembered.

Using the Stage Manager, you can’t save back to object contents.

You will have to reposition the object, get the notecard from the SM again, and then update the set notecard to reflect your change.

With the Multi-Scene rezzer, I could edit the rezzer box itself and reposition my set by moving the rez box.

Since the Stage Manager position is independent of the set position, you cannot do this with the Stage Manager.

Final Thoughts

I like the Stage Manager.

For me, the biggest benefit is being able to place it anywhere at a venue and have my stage rez correctly.

That said, setting it up can be somewhat tricky.

I’ve used it at two different venues successfully.

I set it up for a third venue, and for some reason, my set keeps rezzing too low.

I got the coordinates again, but it still didn’t work correctly.

I plan to revisit it again today, and hopefully I can figure out what I did wrong. :/

It’s also nice to be able to rez your sets and clear the stage via chat commands.

I set up buttons on my Performance Director HUD to rez and clear my set for an act.

There are a few things I wish it did (as well as other rezzers).

The Stage Manager does glow at the bottom to indicate that you have a set rezzed.

I would love to get some kind of chat notice that it was done rezzing my set and also when the stage was cleared.

The stage seems to clear almost instantly, so that may not be necessary, but some venues have performers waiting in green rooms, and it can be difficult to cam around to see if your set is done rezzing.

The Stage Manager is made to work seamlessly with other SpotOn products, so if you already own other products, you know they will all play nicely together. ๐Ÿ™‚

You can purchase the Stage Manager at the SpotOn in-world store, or you can purchase it on Marketplace for $999L.

The Main Event Show Lounge- New Burlesque Venue

Yesterday I was able to attend the opening show of The Main Event Show Lounge, a new burlesque venue owned by Lady C.

There was a nice little crowd for a new venue.

Lady C 1The venue is billed as a ‘classy art-deco style getaway with a speakeasy atmosphere.’

The build is smaller than many venues, which helps it feel more intimate.

The opening act was Lady C herself, dancing to ‘A Night Like This.’

Most of the songs were burlesque favorites, like ‘Sway,’ ‘Fever,’ and ‘Harlem Nocturne.’

The sets were very well done and the some of the costumes were fantastic.

After Lady C, Miss Bathory took the stage for a Jessica Rabbit-themed act to ‘Why Don’t You Do Right?’

Lady C 3The next act seemed to be a crowd favorite, with dancers Klarissa and Samantha.

I think there were more cat-calls during this act than I’ve heard at many construction sites. ๐Ÿ˜›

The guys were great sports about it and it was a very fun little number.

(That’s Klark in blue and Sam in pink, in case you were wondering.)

They danced to ‘Sisters’ by Bette Midler, and it looked like they were having a great time.

After the, ahem, sisters, left the stage, it was time again for Miss Bathory.

Lady C 4Dancing to Peggy Lee’s classic ‘Fever,’ she was resplendent in a fabulous red and gold costume.

I love the colors of this costume – a new spin on an old burlesque favorite, and it was fun to watch.

It’s always a challenge to try and get photos at a burlesque venue, because I have to get them quick, before pieces of the costumes disappear!

Following Miss Bathory, Lady C returned to the stage dancing to another burlesque favorite – Harlem Nocturne.

I’ve seen many dancers do this number, and I was expecting a black and white-themed act.

Lady C 5But no. ๐Ÿ™‚

Instead it was red and white – and beautiful.

I love the giant rose and the huge ostrich feather fans of the set.

Lady C certainly does elegance and glamour well. ๐Ÿ˜€

The last act of the night was a duet dance with Lady C and Miss Bathory.

Lady C 6I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the show.

The sets were done well, the costumes were fabulous, and Lady C seems to have found a time slot on a Saturday that isn’t already filled with competing shows.

I’m not sure how often the venue will have shows, but if the opening was an indication of future events, I will definitely be adding it to my calendar!

Sinners Burlesque

Yesterday, while I was busy on working on other projects, I got a ping.

Sinners Burlesque was having a show.

Sinners 1Never having seen one of their shows, I hustled on over and grabbed a seat right before show time.

The show started with a lovely Japanese-themed number.

The trio of dancers was surrounded by cherries and cherry blossom trees.

I didn’t catch the name of the song, unfortunately.

I did have some issues with the dance animations not appearing smooth for me, but that was most likely due to my late arrival at the venue.

After the Japanese dancers, there was a routine involving a naughty nun.

Sinners 3I’m pretty sure nuns aren’t supposed to have tattoos or dance around a pentagram inside a church.

She was so naughty I had to dig out the censor bar again!

I was having some technical issues at this point, as were the dancers.

There was a false start and after they got everything settled, it appeared the main dancer’s HUD was frozen or something.

However, he did a great job of freestyling his dance and the number was very cute.

Sinners 4I’ve always wanted to visit FunkyTown. ๐Ÿ˜€

You can’t really tell in the photo, but both his suit and the back up dancers’ costumes were animated, adding a cool effect to the number.

The next number was another new-to-me Madonna song.

That makes two in two weeks!

It was called ‘Graveyard,’ I think – I’ll have to add it to my ‘buy’ list as well.

Sinners 5I managed to catch a snap of the number before I was booted from SL.

By the time I was able to log back in, I had missed the rest of the show. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The little I did see was very well done, so look them up, join their group, and stay updated on their happenings.

Paramount’s Night Players

I’ve reviewed shows by the Paramount Theater before.

Some time ago, they launched a second show for their more risquรฉ and avant garde performances.

Dubbed the ‘Night Players,’ they perform once a month.

Last night I happened to catch their latest performance.

The shows also have some of the same acts you can see at the Paramount.

Both theaters are on an adult sim, and frequently feature nudity.

If you’re easily offended, this is probably not the show for you.

Night Players 1It’s been a while since I attended one of their shows, so I was curious to see the acts.

The show started out with a performance to Joan Jett’s version of ‘Crimson and Clover.’

I do wish the performer’s had been a bit closer together, just to make pictures a tad easier. ๐Ÿ˜€

Night Players 2After the band cleared the stage, Lil Angels took the stage, dancing in a group to Tom Jones’ ‘Sex Bomb.’

This was one hot number!

I wish I could share pics of the fabulous costumes, but I’d have to censor all the good stuff. ๐Ÿ˜›

Next up was Path and Ariel (I think) in a set to Jerry Lee Lewis’ ‘Great Balls of Fire.’

There was no fire, but there was smoke.

I didn’t get any pics of this number (and probably couldn’t have used them anyway!).

Night Players 3After fiddling with my camera, I was able to get a good pic of Lotta and her group dancing to Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Bass.’

Who doesn’t like ladies in latex, right?!

Following Lotta and the latex ladies was a dance to Queen Latifah’s ‘When You’re Good to Mama’ from the musical Chicago.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good shot of the dance to share. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The last act of the night was Path and a new (to me) troupe dancer.

Night Players 4Set to a mix of songs, the set was an art studio.

At the beginning of the act, the dancers threw paint cans at each other, which was neatly executed.

The rest of the act was definitely ‘adult’ in nature.

Again, if you are easily offended, this is not the show for you.

Judging by the enthusiastic response from the audience, it was their favorite act of the evening.

In addition to their Night Players shows, they also perform regularly on Saturday evenings.

Join their group or subscriber to stay updated on happenings.

MJ’s Burlesque Review

MJ’s Burlesque Review is a venue near and dear to my heart.

I danced there for a while, and I absolutely adore the 3 ladies who are the heart of it – MJ, Nancy, and Zed.

MJ’s is on an adult sim and the shows are geared toward adult audiences, which may keep some people from attending.

While understandable, it’s a shame, because they have some of the best shows I’ve ever seen on the grid.

If you missed the show on Friday, mark your calendars and be sure to attend the encore performance on Sunday – 2pm SLT at MJ’s Burlesque.

MJ’s has recently started having guest performers, and this week the guest is Shadow Tarber, director of Shadows Silhouettes.

MJs 1The show started out with a performance by MJ herself, a sort of ‘behind the scenes’ look at burlesque.

One of the things I like about MJ’s is that they emote during their routines.

While the acts are able to stand alone, I always appreciate emotes, especially when they add to the story of the performance.

I also appreciate the little touches they add to make their routines seem more realistic.

Using the Artiste system, for example, MJ made it appear as if the trap door in the floor lifted and she was raised to the stage from below.

And I love the fabulous over-the-top headpiece in this routine. ๐Ÿ˜€

MJs 2After MJ was Nancy, also known as Naughty Martini.

Nancy is my hands-down favorite performer and I make it a point to attend her shows if at all possible.

I would love to be able to pick her brain apart and understand how her creative spark works. ๐Ÿ˜›

This set was to Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin,’ but it was a slow, ballad-like rendition of the song (which I loved and will be buying as soon as I’m done writing this!).

As you can see, her sets are always visually stunning.

MJs 3The starry night, the smoke, the clouds – and nestled among them, a fragile angel.

The angel is blindfolded, and having been released from her cage, exploring the unknown and unseen world around her.

The set and costumes matched the tone of the song perfectly.

I also love how Nancy takes pieces – of costumes, of songs, of sets, whatever – that I have seen, and then uses them in different and creative ways.

The color palette of this routine is an example of how Nancy sees her routine as a whole, in addition to the all the little details.

A true performance artist.

After Nancy was this week’s guest artist, Shadow Tarber.

MJs 4Shadow did a cute routine dressed as Smurfette.

I love the little Smurf pasties she’s sporting in this pic.

Unfortunately for me, my computer was giving me fits and some of the pieces of her set didn’t rez for me. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I’m told that there were cute little moving smurfs perched on top of the mushrooms.

After trying to kick my computer and SL into submission, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to continue taking photos at the performance.

Following Shadow, MJ was up again, with a smoking hot performance as a demoness from hell.

The set was amazing (though definitely adult), but due to my computer issues, I didn’t manage to catch a snap of it. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

MJs 5MJ’s hot performance must have melted whatever gremlins were plaguing me, because I was able to snap a few pics of the last routine, another fantastic set from Nancy.

This picture is yet another example of why Nancy is one of the best performers in SL.

This is the opening scene of her last routine, where she is a female bounty hunter searching for her prey.

I love all the details – the western font of the text, the saguaro cactus, the skeleton, the dust blowing as she enters.

MJs 6And, of course, her costume is fabulous – the epitome of a sexy bounty hunter.

I love the sign above the undertaker’s door – it’s the little details like this which make Nancy’s performances a must-see.

If you can go see the show on Sunday – do!

My pictures don’t do any of the performers justice – you need to see all this fabulousness for yourself. ๐Ÿ˜€

If you can’t make the show on Sunday, be sure to join their group or hit up their subscriber so you can stay updated on their latest performances.

You’ll thank me!! ๐Ÿ˜€

MJ’s Burlesque Review

Yesterday I got the chance to see a dance show.

Yay me!

MC ZedI took a short break from blogging and sorting to check out the show.

MJ’s has long been a favorite venue of mine and I am never disappointed by their shows.

The shows are definitely ‘adult’ in nature, but I love the bawdy humor.

Zed is the MC of the show and is a master of sarcastic/snarky/hilarious comments.

As Zed reminded everyone, MJ’s encourages heckling, and the audience chatter adds so much to the show.

The last several shows have included guest dancers.

Today MJ opened the show with a saucy little routine to a Gwen Stefani song.

MJ always finds the most interesting costumes.

MJ 1I love the hands on this sexy number.

One of the things I like about MJ’s is that they use emotes.

Not huge, long emotes that overwhelm chat, but just enough to tell a little story to go with each act.

I also like the way the venue is set up at MJ’s.

The stage is big, but not huge, so the dancers don’t get lost.

And the smaller size lends itself to a more intimate feel for the audience.

AuraAfter MJ, the secret guest dancer!

Aura Fitzgerald (from Sinner’s Burlesque) was the guest dancer.

I don’t remember what song she danced to, but the routine was amazing.

I love the set design and the special fx she used added just the right touch.

I am always appreciative when dancers spend time on the little details.

After Aura’s number, Zed had a hilarious number set in a bakery.

However, I keep the pictures PG for the blog, and I just couldn’t find an angle that didn’t show off way too much flesh. ๐Ÿ˜€

MJ 2I enjoy Zed’s dry sense of humor immensely, and her emotes had me rolling on the floor.

Since I can’t show you what you’re missing, you’ll just have to go to the next show and find out for yourself!

The last act of the night was MJ, with a dark and witchy routine.

If you look closely, you’ll see MJ dancing in the flames, and poor Zed twitching in the background.

As you can see, the special fx were amazing in this routine as well.

MJ’s doesn’t have a regular schedule of shows, so be sure to join their group or hit up their subscriber to stay informed.

Why Are You Interested In Dance?

ILove DanceYesterday I had a long discussion with a friend about dance in SL.

The dance community, I feel, is rather fragmented.

You have performance dancers, like those in the Dance Queens group, and their audience.

But there are other dance ‘groups’ out there.

Cheerleading dance groups, dance groups which eschew the use of movers and focus on ‘live’ performances, tribute groups, and more.

There are also lots of people in SL who have never heard of or been to a dance performance.

My original intent for this blog was to be a place for dancers (and anyone interested in dance) to find helpful information, as I felt there was a lack in that area.

I’ve begun to wonder if the ‘niche’ I chose was too small.

So I decided to go back to basics and try to answer some questions.

โ™ฆ The first and most basic –

Why are you interested in dance?

Do you like to perform?

Do you like being on stage?

Do you like being the ‘star’ of the show?

โ™ฆ Second –

What do you what to learn and/or know about dance?

Do you want information on tools?

Helpful tips and tricks?

Reviews of performances and/or performers?

โ™ฆ Third –

Are there other areas related to dance that you are curious about?

Would you be interested in reading more about the creation process in dance?

Fill out the survey questions below and leave any comments you’d like.

Please be as specific and detailed as you want – I am genuinely curious. ๐Ÿ˜€

Paradise Lost – Take 2

Paradise Lost is the current production of The Basilique Theatre.ย  Set to the music of Mozart’s Requiem, it is the story of Adam and Eve and their ejection from the Garden of Eden.

I saw the show back in April and had some issues with things not appearing properly for me (see my blog post here).

Becky, one of the creators of the show, was kind enough to invite me back to see the show again.ย  Before the show in April, it was advertised that there would be a camera control in place.ย  It was not ready at the April show, and is, unfortunately, still not available.

Camera control issue aside, the show is amazingly well done.ย  There is no dialogue during the show, but the narrator introduces each scene and ‘sets the stage’ for the action.ย  There’s no question that this was a huge project and an incredible accomplishment for Becky, Harvey, and The Basilique Theatre cast/crew.ย  After upgrading my old graphics card, I was anxious to see how well it would perform at Paradise Lost.ย  I am sure that the issues I had at the show in April were due to my equipment rather than the fault of the creators.

I am happy to report that God appeared correctly for me this time (rather than as a ‘mini-God,’ as he appeared to me in April).ย  Because I had been to the show before, I knew what to expect and was able to take some nice shots (which I will share below).ย  I haven’t done any processing to the pictures, other than some cropping, so what you see is what I saw at the show.

The first run of the show is quickly coming to a close, and many of the dates are sold out, so if you haven’t purchased a ticket yet, time is running out!

PL 1

The Creation of Adam
The Creation of Adam

PL 3

PL 4

Satan plots revenge
Satan plots revenge
Cast out from Eden
Cast out from Eden

PL 8

The Flood
The Flood
Turning Water to Wine
Turning Water to Wine

PL 12

PL 13

Older and Wiser
Older and Wiser

As you can see from the photos, the sets and costumes are wonderfully detailed.ย  And the second time around I was able to see many things I missed at the first show, like the baby Moses floating in the basket of reeds, and a grown-up Moses turning the water to wine before parting the Red Sea.

Again, kudos to the creators for crafting such a well-done production.ย  A one-of-a-kind experience in SL!