Tuesday Tidbits

tidbit-tuesdayI’ve been a bit busy in RL, so I’m trying to catch up on all my reading.

Some interesting tidbits I’ve come across in the last couple of days:

→LL is considering removal of the ‘Restore to Last Position’ function.

Firestorm currently allows this, but not with no-copy items.

This is to keep people from accidentally losing valuable no-copy items.

However, this function is used by a lot of people (including myself!) and I would hate to see it disappear.

FS feels the same and is asking for your help.

Go to their website and leave a comment about how and why you use this feature.

Many members of the dance community have already commented, but every little bit helps!

If they can provide enough use-cases, LL might rethink removing the function.

→I follow New World Notes, and one of their writers posted an article a while ago about watching SL creators work using live-stream service Twitch.

It seems some of these creators have had their accounts suspended for streaming SL, because Twitch does not “permit Adults-Only rated games and games where nudity is the core focus, feature, or goal.”

Arguments about whether SL is a game or not aside, when the hell did nudity become the ‘core focus, feature, or goal’ of SL?

It’s certainly not the goal of my SL.

As someone pointed out in the comments, Twitch has no problem with people streaming violent video games like GTA, but SL is a no-no?


So, if you’re looking for a streaming service, Hitbox (Twitch’s main competitor) will happily oblige. 😀

→On the heels of this information, I came across Strawberry Singh’s Monday Meme (again, late, grrr).

She is asking everyone to make a short video and share your perception of Second Life.

Perhaps if there are as many positive videos about SL as there are trolling videos, people’s perceptions would change.

(I’m not sure this will make any difference, people being people, but it can’t hurt, right?)

→Facebook is at it again. :/

They have (finally!) released some updated information about their names policy.

And they have once again stated that profiles using ‘game character’ names (a category which your SL avatar name falls under) are NOT allowed.

You can create a Page for your character, but not a profile.

So, expect some more rounds of account deletions.

Honestly, I still don’t understand why anyone uses Facebook.

There are so many other options, including ASN, which was designed specifically for avatars.

Do yourself a favor and delete your Facebook account.

You won’t miss it.

I promise. 😀