Looking Forward

Image Source:  blog.collegegreenlight.com
Image Source: blog.collegegreenlight.com

Today’s is New Year’s Eve and after reflecting yesterday on 2014, I’m looking forward to 2015.

2015 will bring some major changes in my RL, but joyous ones.

I have a lot of goals and opportunities I’d like to pursue in 2015; however, after looking over my somewhat lengthy list, I can boil them down to a few categories.

  1. Create more (in both SL and RL)
  2. Dance more (ditto)
  3. Have fun and make memories

I’ve watched too many people work hard, struggle to get ahead, and miss out on what’s really important.

The things in life that are most important aren’t things.

In 2015 I will play more, work less, and love most.

What are your goals for the coming year?

New Ventures

Image Source: www.gitwitcreative.com
Image Source: http://www.gitwitcreative.com

As the new year approaches, I am looking ahead and settings goals for 2015.

I have several opportunities that have come my way and I hope to take advantage of all them.

One of the things I’ve decided to do is start a Look Of The Day post.  Just a quick shot of me wearing an outfit I put together (this is mainly to give me a reason to sort through my inventory).  I will title them all LOTD, so if you’re not interested in them, feel free to skip right over those posts.

If you like it, great, if you don’t (or I don’t) then I can toss the items and voilá – less inventory!

I picked up a LOT of stuff over the advent season, so I need to go through and see what I actually have.

And Devy sent me a link to a new shoe store, so now I need more room for shoes!

What new things are you hoping to accomplish in 2015?