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I’m waiting for this feature (and others) to be released in Firestorm.  However, I’m curious to see how the ACI settings will work at a dance show.

I will want to see possibly high ACI performers, but not the high ACI people in the audience.  I do agree this is a good step, in that it puts control in the hands of the user.

I am hopeful it will encourage more consumers to be mindful of how their avatar (and attached items) affect other people nearby, as well as pushing more designers (clothing and jewelry, in particular) to create things that are more ‘optimized.’

Reblog: Are Second Life’s Jelly Babies Breaking SL? | Nalates’ Things & StuffNalates’ Things & Stuff

As I have pointed out more people are talking about Jelly Babies and the coming RC Second Life Quick Graphics Viewer version movement toward being the main viewer. Of course some know …


Early looks: Avatar Complexity and Graphics Presets

I am looking forward to both of these items, though I am curious to see how the Avatar Complexity setting does/doesn’t work when attending a dance show.
I don’t want to render complex avatars in the audience, but I may want to render complex avatars who are performers. Finding a balance may be interesting.

Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

secondlifeTwo new options which will be appearing in the official viewer in the near future, and which have been mentioned in this blog a number of times over the past few months are Avatar Complexity and the ability to create, save and restore graphics presets. Both are intended to provide options by which users can better tune the viewer and its settings to suit their needs and circumstances.

I’ve had the opportunity to look at both in a development viewer from the Lab, and what follows is an overview of how things may appear when both capabilities are released for general use. However, please keep in mind that things are sill very much a work-in-progress at the moment and aspects of either / both may well change between now and any functionality appearing in any public version of the viewer.

Avatar Complexity

As avatars can often be the single biggest…

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