Trials and Tribulations of Blogging

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Yesterday I came across a post about breaking through writer’s block – something that’s been happening to me frequently lately.

The article contained a link to some printable blogging calendars (who knew those existed?) and I was happily working away, planning out articles.

One of the articles on my ‘to-be-written’ list was about men and dancing in SL.  Feeling inspired, I wrote the post and then set it to publish today.

Or so I thought.

Twice now in the last week, when scheduling my posts, I have hit the ‘0’ key instead of the ‘1’ when entering the date to publish.  I, of course, am unaware of my mistake, until I see the post and think, “Why did that publish now?”

I did it yesterday with the ‘Men Don’t Dance’ post.  I was going to just reschedule it (in effect, removing the post and publishing it again on the correct date), but someone had already commented on it.  So – yay! that someone had already read it and commented, and boo! to me for not noticing it posting early/incorrectly.

Hopefully with my shiny new blogging calendar, I can avoid this happening in the future.

Wish me luck!