New Black Dragon Viewer Update

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This was brought to my attention by a post in the Visionaire group from WrenNoir Cerise.  There has been an update to the Black Dragon viewer.

I’ve used the Black Dragon viewer before and really liked it for taking photos.  However, I haven’t used it in ages – mostly because I haven’t really been in SL much in ages.

But I will definitely be downloading it and trying it out.

The new update apparently lets you move any/all of the individual bones that make up your avatar.  So you can pose yourself exactly how you want.

WrenNoir included a link to a video in her notice, which I’ve embedded below.  If you can’t see the video, click here for the link.

The music was a tad annoying, so I muted it.  The first part of the video shows the editing of the avatar pose in Black Dragon.  The last half is photo editing in Photoshop, so you can skip that if you’ve no interest in that part.

I can’t wait to dig in and start experimenting.  Thanks to Wren for the heads up!

New Contest from Razmataz!

Check out this contest from Razmataz! You have until July 30th to complete it. Try out your photography and costuming skills. If you participate, be sure to add your photo to the Flickr pool so I can see your awesome photos!

Moni's World

Hey guys! I wanted to tell you about this pose contest from Razmataz. Who would be interested in such a contest, you ask?

1. People who like taking pictures, either professionally or recreational
2. Those who always wanted a picture taken by a professional (one of the prizes!)
3. People who always wanted to make a certain pose for that certain outfit or prop (also one of the prizes)

JulyPhotoContestbyRazmataz RULES

The contest ends on July 30th, so you still have time to enter!

How to enter this contest?

1. Get a pose from the Razmataz store (poses are only 15L each).

2. Take a photo that clearly shows the pose – the more creative, the better.

3. write your name on the photo, as well as a new pose name that you came up with for the pose.

4. Send the photo full perms to Melonie Romano or place…

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Feeling Wayward

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I had been in SL for about 4 years before I ever went on a hunt.

It was fun collecting items for free (or close to it) – a quick way to score some fabulous items.

I don’t do them much anymore, since I’m always trying to watch my inventory count. 🙂

However, I love it when a hunt (or event) has a gallery of items somewhere online.

I can browse the items without fighting through a laggy sim and decide if I want any of them.

Ok, it’s usually more like, “how many can I afford to buy before I start feeling guilty,” but still. 😀

So when I saw a couple of posts about the Wayward Hunt, I had to go check it out.

I headed over to their website and found a gallery of pics with the prizes.

Exposeur PropI saw a few cute items I could use and then I saw the shoes . . .

I picked up several items from the hunt, including several different poses, because, much like shoes, you can never have too many poses!

One of the items I picked up was this awesome pose prop from Exposeur.

Called “Girl at the Window,” it’s a photo prop with 8 built-in poses.

I love it, and I know I’ll be using it again and again.

I also picked up this amazing jewelry set from League.

League Floral Rocks SetCalled the Floral Rocks Jewelry Set – Darkness, it comes with a color-change HUD.

The necklace and earrings are fabulous.

I poked around in my inventory for something to wear and found this outfit from Pure Poison.

Add one of my favorite Truth hairstyles and done. 🙂

Last, but not least, SHOES!

Essenz - MumbaiI headed over to Essenz (a store I will be revisiting!) and picked up these amazing shoes.

Called Mumbai, I love, love, love them. 🙂

There are tons of items in the hunt, including home and decor as well as clothing.

I will be heading back out in the next few days to pick up a few more things.

I can always use decor items for sets – especially when they’re free!!

And did I mention – SHOES!!!

Happy Hunting!

Busy Busy Bee!

Me this week! Image Source:
Me this week!
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It’s been a hectic week in both SL and RL for me.

Wednesday I visited all the dance animation stores and updated the spreadsheet, noting any new offerings (check out the update on the Animation Stores page).

I have enough pose stores listed (and more I should add) that I will probably break the spreadsheet into two sections – one for dance animations and one for poses.

I didn’t find much new.  So, of course, the day after all my travels, I came across two new listings.  AKEYO has released a new Giana Wild! AO.  It’s specifically for female avis with breast/butt attachments, something I don’t wear.  However, a few of the walks were cute, and it comes with 3 sexy dances.

Also, A&M Mocap has released The Real Twerk 2 solo dance.  Twerking’s not for me, but if you like it, head over to A&M.

Today I got a notice from oOo Studios about her new pose set for 50L Friday, called Paulina.  I love her poses, so if you haven’t been to the store, go check it out!

I got a new HUD last week and found a some time this week to open all the boxes and start playing around.  I’ll be blogging about it later in detail, but here are a few general notes:

It’s called the Artiste Performer’s Series, and it’s really a set of tools rather than ‘just’ a dance HUD.  There is a HUD, of course, where you load your animations and your sequences.  However, it comes with much more than that.

This HUD is geared towards ‘performances’ and includes a host of tools to help a performer do all those ‘extras’ that add to the performance.  I think it has many uses other than just a ‘dance HUD.’

It’s made by DQ’s own Yummy (Lat Lovenkraft) and is currently in ‘release candidate’ status.  She will be holding some Q&A sessions about the HUD this weekend (11/22 @ 12pm SLT and 11/23 @ 2pm SLT) at the DQ Info Center.  If you’re interested in the HUD, I encourage you to attend.

Check out Yummy’s blog ‘The Artiste Performance HUD‘ where you can find all kinds of information about what the HUD can do and watch demonstration videos.

It’s finally Friday, which means there will be lots of dance performances the next few days.  Guerilla Burlesque is tonight, and tomorrow Paramount Playhouse is putting on their Rocky Horrid show.  And Blue Moon Cabaret is putting on a dark carnival/monsters show on Saturday at 2:30pm.  Come watch me as your friendly neighborhood alien!  Check out the Dance Queens blog for all the latest show news.

As for me, I need to get busy and log in, so I can do the MadPea Blood Letters clue of the day.  I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed this hunt.  Regardless of the prizes (many of which, although wonderfully made, I will probably never use), I have enjoyed solving the puzzles and hunting around for clues.  I’ve had to go back and redo things I missed the first time, which, while frustrating at the time, has actually made me enjoy the hunt more.

Enjoy your weekend, everybody!!

The Pose Fair

If you haven’t been to the Pose Fair yet, you should head that way.

The design of the fair is neat  – you walk among the stars and planets.  I found it to be mostly lag free and of course, there was a TON of poses I just had to have!

The Fair is pretty large – it took me two days just to see everything (probably around a couple of hours), but I looked at EVERYTHING, so it might not take you as long.

Have fun looking around, take a few pics, and hold on to your pocketbooks!!