SL Photography: Simulating popular lenses in Phototools – Windlight Magazine

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This is a great article (and series) on photography in Second Life.  I’m definitely going to be trying out these settings and see what impact it has on my photography!!

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Windlight Contributor Myra Wildmist explores how you can Simulate popular lenses via the Second Life PhototoolsL When you take a snapshot in Second Life, you’re essentially using a 50mm lens:…

Source: SL Photography: Simulating popular lenses in Phototools – Windlight Magazine

Camera Tool Tip

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This is a trick I use often when I am photographing at dance shows.

I have a camera HUD, but don’t really use it much.

Mostly because I forget that I have it!

Anyhoo, when I go to shows, it can sometimes be laggy.

(Shocking, right?!)

Because camming around seems to make things worse, I set up a camera angle using the phototools in Firestorm.

I don’t know if this works in the official viewer, because I don’t use it. 🙂

When I arrive at the venue, I set up a camera angle with the stage centered.

Then if I cam around during a number, trying to get that ‘perfect shot,’ it’s a click of a button to reset my camera to the default angle.

I have mine set as a button my toolbar, but you can find it under World > Photo and Video > Phototools.

When you click it, you will get a pop-up window that looks like this:

Camera Tools PopOut

To set the initial/default camera angle, set your camera where you want it, then click the ‘store current camera view’ button (it’s the eye with the down arrow).

That’s it.

I leave the cameratools pop-up minimized while I’m shooting, then when the act ends, I click the ‘load stored camera view’ button (the eye with the up arrow).

Then my camera is ready to go for the next act.

If you like to watch other dancers when you are also performing, you can use this trick to cam out to the stage quickly and watch.

Alternatively, you could set the camera angle to the tip jar, so that you can log in and out quickly during a performance.

What’s your favorite SL camera trick/tip?