The Martina Show

On Friday, I went to a new show – The Martina Show.

It was very interesting.

Martina Show 1Lots of creativity, but very minimal in other ways.

The opening act was a hula hoop dance.

Now, I have a hula hoop somewhere in my inventory, but I never thought of using it in a dance.

There were some issues with timing, but it was a very creative dance.

I don’t think the dancers were using a mover system, but rather moving manually, which probably accounts for some of the timing issues.

Minimal set, no fancy effects, but a lot of creative thinking.

Martina Show 2After the hula hoop dance, it was time for the frogs to take to the stage.

Yep, you read that right.

Dancing frogs.

Delightfully adorable as they danced the Charleston.

It was a medley of the Charleston and a rock song, with a cute back-n-forth between the dancers.

The frogs finished up, took their bows, and handed the stage over to Jennifer Beals.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Flashdance. 😀

Martina Show 3Again, a minimal set, but effective.

It was a challenge to get a picture of this act, as she was dancing and tumbling all over the place.

She danced to the song “What a Feeling” from Fame.

After impressing everyone with her gymnastic and dance skills, it was time for another act.

This time two clowns took to the stage.

The scene is the interior of a beauty salon, and one clown begins to style the other’s hair.

Martina Show 4Sadly, RL called me away and I didn’t get to see the end of this act.

I’m told, however, that the hairdresser clown gave the other a huge afro, which resulted in a chase scene around the stage. 😛

There were a couple of other acts, which I also did not get to see.

I’m not sure if there are any additional performances of this show planned, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing more from Martina.

Some of these acts are more performance art than dance, but nevertheless entertaining.

It will be interesting to see what she comes up with next.

Hello Weekend!

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It’s finally Friday!!

Which means I still have an a**load of stuff to do before tomorrow.


I was up bright and early this morning to start cleaning (I was supposed to do that yesterday, but I got distracted working on LOTD pics). 😀

When I logged in yesterday, more news – things are in flux for everyone lately, it seems.

Performance Art

The latest issue of Rez Magazine had an interesting article about a possible new ‘performance art’ venue opening in SL.

Yummy was the first one I know of to apply that term to the new direction that many dance performers seem to be heading.

I think it’s more appropriate than ‘burlesque’ or ‘neo-burlesque’ or ‘cabaret,’ and it seems to be gaining traction, given the number of times I’ve heard/seen it lately.

Performance art, to me, means that I will be able to see something someone has created from their soul – a piece with layers of meaning, some obvious, some not, some hidden even from the performance artist him/herself.

It’s entertainment, yes, but also so much more than that – a story, a feeling, evoking emotions (positive and/or negative) from the audience.

It will be interesting to see how this shift impacts current/future performers in SL.


There are a TON of events going on right now – as always seems to be the case in SL.

Collabor88 opens their current round today.

I’m never lucky enough to get in on the first day, so I’ll probably stop by sometime next week.

We ❤ Role Play is open now, and there are some gorgeous items I want to pick up, if I can ever find the time. 😛

FaMESHed is also open and celebrating their anniversary.

Join the group (it’s free), and pick up a TON of free anniversary gifties.

The Chapter 4 is open, also celebrating an anniversary, so stop by there for some free goodies as well.

This weekend also has a number of dance shows in addition to the regular weekend fare.

Fusion Dance Crew is putting on a show on Saturday, as are the Breezes Dancers.

I think the Waterfront Theater is also looking for acts for their variety show next month, so if you’re interested in that, check it out.

Sadly, I probably won’t have time to attend many (if any) shows this weekend, so if you go, take lots of pics and share them!

Enjoy your weekend, folks!

A Matter of Taste

Different audience members have different tastes.  Variety and diversity is one of the reasons many people love SL so much.  You can find pretty much anything in SL.

In attending a lot of dance shows and performances, I talk to a lot of audience members.  One of the issues that seems to come up again and again is size.  There are many people who dislike going to shows/performances where there is a very large stage.  Having a large stage presents difficulties for some audience members.

In SL, there really are no ‘bad’ seats.  You can cam in as close as you want, or zoom out as far as you want to enjoy a show.  So the size of the stage is irrelevant.

Only it isn’t.

For me, it’s a matter of what the performer is trying to present.  If there is a giant stage and only one performer, I will typically zoom in on the performer.  After all, that’s who/what I came to see.  So if there is a large set, I may not be able to see much of it after I zoom in to see the performer.  If I leave my camera zoomed out so that I can see the entire stage, I lose a lot of the details.  This is a problem for me, especially at dance performances, because oftentimes if I zoom out far enough to see the entire stage, the performer(s) begin doing the ‘zippy dance.’  Instead of seeing smooth dances, I see the avatars moving at double-speed (sometimes triple!) and it’s very jerky.  So it’s a lose-lose situation for me.  I can either choose to see the entire stage/set (along with any particles, effects, lights, etc.) or I can choose to see the performers.

I attend shows to see the dancers/dancing.  So my typical choice is to zoom in and see the performer(s).  In doing so, however, I may miss effects or scene changes because the stage is so large.  Perhaps the focus of some venues has changed, and rather than focusing on dance, the focus has moved to elaborate sets, lots of effects, and multiple set changes.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  It’s just not always what I want to see.

One of the reasons I enjoy burlesque is because of the atmosphere.  Generally, at burlesque/cabaret shows, the venue is intimate (small) and inviting.  I think many of the venues billing ‘burlesque’ or ‘cabaret’ shows are really more along the lines of ‘dance spectacular’ or ‘variety show’ or ‘performance art.’  Not that any of those are bad, just that many audience members may have different expectations before a show.

Again, it’s all a matter of taste.  I can certainly enjoy a ‘dance spectacular’ or a ‘performance art’ set.  But if I go to a venue expecting some burlesque-style entertainment, I may be disappointed.  I love to see innovations in performing, like when scene changes were new, or movers came along.  But I am just as excited (usually more so) to see innovations that add to reality of the performance – like a performer who wears a hat, takes it off, and lays it down somewhere in the scene (with said hat moving from head to hand to chair seamlessly).

What’s your taste?