MarketPlace Needs an Overhaul

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Yesterday I came across an article on New World Notes ranting about the failure that is MarketPlace Showcase.

Honestly, I didn’t even know there was a Showcase.  I’m so used to everything being broken that I ignore a lot.  Including the ‘featured’ items that always appear at the top of my search.

I know someone probably paid a lot of extra L$ to get their item ‘featured’ – I wonder if they actually see any return from it.  I have never once (NEVER) purchased an item from the ‘featured’ bar.

I’ve heard rumors here and there that there might be some changes to MarketPlace, but I don’t know if anything but a complete overhaul will make any sort of significant difference.  I have a small MP shop where I sell things that I’ve created for myself.  Every little L$ counts when you’re on a budget!  And I make every effort to tag my items correctly.  Oh, sure, I could add a bunch of tags that have nothing to do with the actual item in the hopes that 1) it will increase sales and 2) LL won’t notice and remove my item (because their rules clearly state doing so is not permitted).  But I don’t.

I am often a frustrated MP consumer myself.  For instance, I spent several months looking off and on for some mesh hands that I wanted to use in a routine (as props, not to wear).  I never did find what I was looking for.  Later, I saw exactly what I needed used by someone else.  When I inquired where they found them, they said MP.  What??? So I headed back to MP and searched again for ‘mesh hands’.  Still nothing.  The person was kind enough to send me a direct link.  The name of the product?  Mesh hands.  -.-

It’s sooo frustrating.

The comments on the NWN article were also an interesting read.  Lots of people with some really good ideas about how to improve MP.  Which would, in turn, increase sales.  Which would, in turn, increase the amount LL makes off said sales.  Win-win, right?  So why aren’t they working on it?

One of the commenters asked for a feature I would LOVE to have.  Often while searching for an item, I’ll come across something that is almost what I want.  I don’t buy it, but would love to revisit the store, or somehow stay updated on their new items.  There’s no way to do this.  Oh sure, I make a list and tell myself I’ll go back and look ‘when I have time.’  It never happens.

Someone else listed ideas for a new system (a much better system than what is currently in place).  In this new system, once the new version went ‘live,’ anyone who didn’t make the necessary updates would get dumped into an ‘other’ category.  This would help to identify ‘old’ items that are still active listings, even though the creator is not.  I wondered why there isn’t a system already in place for that, but any sale means $ in LL’s pocket, so perhaps that’s why.

In any event, I will continue to use MP.  Why?  Because I can browse through items (even with all the items that don’t relate to my search) much more quickly than I can tp around in-world, wait for everything to rezz, and then shop.  But I will continue to hope that at some point, LL realizes that updating MP would be beneficial to them as well as everyone else.  Only time will tell. 🙂