Out of the Shadows

Shadows 1Out of the Shadows is new venue for Shadows Silhouettes.

It’s a separate group, and it’s got a 20’s Prohibition-era speakeasy vibe.

You even have to say the secret password to gain entry into the venue!

Thursday I was able to attend one of their shows.

Shadows 4They had a special guest – The Pink Vampire, a live singer.

The show seemed very fast-paced, since the singer would be onstage while the dancers were setting up.

It helps to have something visually interesting on stage to keep the audience from getting restless. 😛

Paramount Theater does a good job of this with their ‘curtain-front’ routines.

The show was burlesque-themed (one of my favorites!) and there were some fantastic numbers.

Some of the sets were very minimal; in a few there really was no set, just dancers performing in front of the curtain.

There was a nice crowd for a Thursday, around 50 people when I checked.

Shadow herself was the first to take the stage – she’s all legs isn’t she? 😀

Shadows 2Vintage burlesque is fairly easy to do, but it’s not always easy to do well.

Shadow and her troupe did an excellent job.

After Shadow, Sho did a beautiful routine decked out in roses (and not much else!).

Next up after Sho was Aelva, doing a wonderful routine dancing in the rain.

Unfortunately, apparently I was so involved in camming around and trying to find the perfect angle, that I forgot to actually save any of the photos!


The next act was Rosie, in a fantastic white corset costume.

Another fan dance, I think it was my favorite number of the show.

Shadows 5After Rosie’s routine and another interlude by the Pink Vampire, it was time for the closing act, a group number.

Nothing like watching gorgeous ladies dance around in fabulous lingerie. 😀

I thoroughly enjoyed the show – Shadow and her troupe always do a fantastic job.

If you want to stay updated on their latest happenings, be sure to join the group for announcements.