SL Go Fail?

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I’ve blogged before about the SL Go service from OnLive.

I don’t have a super high-end computer and I was curious whether the service would be worth the price of the subscription ($10USD/month).

After using it, I have decided to keep up my subscription.  My original intention was to use it for taking super awesome pics with shadows and everything, which I don’t run on my PC.

However, it doesn’t quite work the way I thought it would.

And apparently others have thought so as well.

Whitney Blackburn tried it out and didn’t have a great experience with it.  See her blog post here.

I had some of the same issues.  I use a PC with a big monitor and I find that when I am using SL Go, it tends to be blurry and out of focus, especially text.  So chatting can become a challenge.

I also found it kind of dark and tried various ways to lighten it up without much success.

For landscape photography and avatar portraits, I will definitely use SL Go.

But for dance shows, I will stick to my PC.  The pics I took with SL Go at the last show I attended came out dark and kind of blurry, and I much preferred how the ones I took with my PC looked.

So, for many, SL Go may not be the way to go.

However, if you have an old PC or want to run SL on your tablet or iPad, it’s a wonderful option.

Have you tried SL Go?  What do you think of it?

SL Go Update

I wrote a post about the new service from OnLive, called SL Go.  I was excited to try it out, because it’s supposed to let you run SL at Ultra settings even on old computers.

However, as of now, I haven’t tried it out.  I had a bit of trouble understanding the steps I needed to go through to get SL Go to work on my PC (because it’s mainly aimed at smartphone and tablet users).  So when my tech-savvy husband got home, I had him try to install it on our tablet so we could use the 20-minute free trial and see whether or not we liked it enough to pay for the service.

I wanted to try it out to see whether I could use SL Go instead of upgrading to a more expensive graphics card.  I thought my husband would like it, because he prefers to do everything on his phone or tablet, even if a laptop or PC is available.

Anyhoo, we got as far as installing the SL Go app and setting up an account with OnLive.  BUT – it would not let us begin using the free 20-minute trial unless we entered our credit card information.  Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I don’t like just handing out my credit card info to anyone, especially when they don’t really need it.  If it’s a free trial, why do they HAVE to have my credit info?  I just wanted to try it out, and then if I liked it, sign up for the paying service.  If I don’t, then I just walk away.

At this point, regardless of how ‘amazing’ the app is, I won’t be using it.  I’m not going to be bullied into providing information that they don’t need.  The SL Go is either a monthly subscription or a ‘buy a chunk of time’ option.  So since you can buy, say, an hour of time for the app, I would assume that they have the capability to shut down/kick you out/log you off the app when the time you’ve paid for is up.  So why exactly do they NEED my credit information for me to use their ‘free trial’?

From a consumer standpoint, it doesn’t make sense to me.