Noir Neverland Cabaret

Yesterday I was finally able to make it to a show at Noir Neverland Cabaret.

I tried to go to last week’s show, but RL interfered.

Noir 1When I arrived, there were only a few people there, but the theater filled up quickly.

The first act was Monavie Voight dancing to a Beyonce song.

The set was very pretty – lots of fluffy white clouds and a pond with swans paddling around.

A great start to the show and especially fun for me, since Monavie is one of my students at K&M. 🙂

The next dancer after Monavie was Maar.

I didn’t catch the name of the song, but it was a very sexy number.

Noir 2I managed to get a decent close up – something I find hard to do when the dancer is constantly in motion.

I love the horns and the makeup of this costume.

After Maar was done heating up the stage (and some of the men in the audience), it was time for a group dance.

I don’t remember which three dancers were onstage, but it was a number choreographed by Lillie Orfan.

The set was absolutely stunning.

One of my children loved the Avatar movie, so I’ve seen it a million times.

Noir 3(Okay, probably only 100 times, but it feels like a million.) 😀

I love the color scheme of the set, and the crazy animals.

The particle effects were terrific as well – adding to the feel of the scene rather than overpowering it.

After the group dance, Kyra and Cyan took to the stage for a duet.

Following their duet, Lillie returned to the stage for a solo routine.

Noir 4When I’m taking pictures, I can get distracted from paying attention to other details.

For instance, it wasn’t until after I snapped a pic of this set that I realized Lillie was dancing on a hand.

I was cammed in close to try and get a picture and I thought at first she was standing on a rock.

I told you I get distracted. 😛

Shows are every Wednesday at 5pm SLT.

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