MJ’s Burlesque Review Show

This weekend I was finally able to see the newest show from the creative geniuses at MJ’s Burlesque. 🙂

The show was originally scheduled for Friday, but due to technical issues, was cancelled.  Luckily, I was able to make the show Sunday.

MJ 1Nancy was the first to hit the stage, in a sexy piano number.  The staging was perfect, and her steamy emotes were a hit with the audience, left drooling in their seats. 🙂

I always love to watch Nancy perform, because she has such a terrific sense of stage presence.

And she’s one hell of a designer – I wish I had half of her design sense!

MJ 2After Nancy, it was time for MJ to take over with her performance tribute to David Bowie.

I love the runny mascara effect she donned – a very moving homage to Bowie’s creative genius.

I must say, I was never a huge Bowie fan, but I’ve been amazed how many songs I never realized were his.

MJ 3Next up was Zed.  I’m always tickled when Zed dances, because she has such an offbeat, wicked sense of humor.

This time, though, she threw me a curve, and danced to a piece about her nightmares.

MJ 4I was excited to see the number, because our very own Yumster was going to be dancing as well.  MJ and Nancy were spectacularly frightening as monkey-headed, suit-wearing figures.

Yummy turned out to be an imp who was all kinds of creepy.  The routine was a fantastic piece of performance art and it was amazing. :-O

MJ 5Nancy was up next with her homage to Bowie.  The set was spectacular, as always.  But what impressed me most with this act were her emotes.

Not many venues do emotes anymore, but I love it when they do and it enhances the story they are telling with their dance.

MJ 6The last act of the show was MJ, with a fun, sassy, and trashy little number set inside a 50’s-style diner.

Such a great set, and a fantastic show all-around.  If you missed it on Sunday, there will be an encore performance on Tuesday at 2pm SLT.  Enjoy!

An All Artiste Show

I had the pleasure of dancing this weekend at a show at MJ’s Burlesque Review.

I used to dance regularly with these lovely ladies and it was a joy to get the opportunity to dance with them again.

They are talented, creative, and always entertaining.

And for the first time (to my knowledge), the show was an ‘all Artiste’ show.

MJ was one of the first dancers to adopt the Artiste system.

She and Nancy have been using it for a while now and doing amazing things with it.

I am just learning, but I was able to make movers, rezz my sets, crossfade my sets, run my dance sequence, my emotes, and my costume changes – all through my HUD.

One click and I was off. 🙂

ZedThe shows went very well and if you missed them, you missed out.

I started off the show as the guest dancer and was introduced by one of the funniest MC’s on the grid.

Zed has a terrific (or is that twisted?) sense of humor and she always keeps me in stitches.

If you’re interested in dancing, contact MJ (Imajica Wonder) or Nancy (Nancy Toocool) for more information.

They are looking for guest dancers for upcoming shows.

You’ll have a terrific time – the ladies are amazing, and the crowds are as well.

MJAfter me was MJ, dancing in her lonely apartment after a masquerade party.

I love the little touches on their sets – notice the mask on the piano bench.

MJ’s always has emotes, and I love the stories that each dance tells.

Following MJ, was Nancy, who always leaves the audience picking up their jaws off the floor.

NancyMirrorsShe did an amazing number about self-love (not that kind . . . well, maybe).

The set was very well done – the rising columns, the words scrawled on the pillars – I have no idea where her creative ideas come from, but I am sooo jealous.

She rose, she fell, she rotated, she stripped – and left the audience begging for more.

MJ’s is an adult venue, so if nudity offends, it’s not the place for you.

If you like it, don’t miss the next show!

MJ did a second number about flower girls who dance alone in the woods – I was so entranced I forgot to take a photo of it.

Which was probably just as well, because I don’t think there was an angle that wouldn’t be considered NSFW. 😛

NancyRamenThe last act of the show was Nancy in an adorable number as the Ramen noodle girl.

I have no idea where she finds her music, but that song will be stuck in my head for days!

It was a terrific show as usual.

Hope to see you at the next one!

*wanders off singing, ‘Miso, Shoyu, da da da ta da, Ramen!’*