They’re Not a Myth!

Last night I got to perform with the Starlite dancers at Frank’s Elite Club.

They were doing a special Michael Bublé tribute concert.

The sim was packed – 103 at one point!

BubleConcert1A beautiful set and wonderful costumes.

Amazing choreography by the talented Isabelle Mavendorf.


BubleConcert2That’s Izzy right there.

The redhead.

You know what they say about gingers!

If you run into her, let her know what an awesome job she did.


BubleConcert3The set was beautiful, the costumes were gorgeous, and it was all very exciting.

And then – it happened.

A Linden showed up!

A real, live Linden.  I always thought they were a myth.

BubleConcert4Maybe he came to see Michael Bublé.

Or maybe he came to see the dancers.

Or maybe he came to see what the heck was going on with so many people in one place!


BubleConcert5Devy was her usual charming self and thanked him for coming, while the rest of us were still in shock.

Now I can say I’ve seen my first real Linden in the wild!

If you want to check out the show for yourself, there will be another show at Frank’s on Saturday at 12pm SLT.

Maybe there will be another Linden sighting.

Who knows?