La Coquette Cabaret – Premiere Show

On Monday, I attended the opening show for La Coquette Cabaret, a new venue run by Dani Sari.

LCC 1The theme for the show was Mardi Gras and the show itself was full of frolic, fun, and of course, the quintessential Mardi Gras color palette of green, purple, and gold.

The opening act was spectacular, with the dancers arriving via circus hoops, resplendent in their Mardi Gras finery.

LCC 2After the opening group number, Diva took to the stage.

The set build was fantastic and she had some gorgeous particle effects.

The performers did a terrific job, especially considering that a couple of hours prior to showtime, SL was experiencing the ever-dreaded ‘unscheduled maintenance.’

LCC 3Next up was Dani herself.

I loved the set for this routine; I thought it was such a creative use of object and avatar movers. 🙂

(Note: She was wearing pasties, but since I try to keep things G-rated on the blog, I had to drag out my trusty ‘censored’ bar!)

LCC 4The next act was a bit of a switch from the fun and frolic of Bourbon Street, but was a fabulous routine about the famous (infamous) voodoo queen Marie Laveau.

After Marie had her way with a couple of unsuspecting ‘Joe’s,’ we headed back to Bourbon Street.

LCC 5I loved the concept of this routine.  A girl wanders down the street, peering into store windows, and then magically joins the store mannequin in a dance.

And the costumes were gorgeous!

A terrific use of mirrored dances in this set.

LCC 6After all the glitter was cleared off the stage, it was time for the hottest act of the night. 😀

I tried to snap a quick pic from the rear (a gorgeous view itself), but didn’t manage it.  So, another appearance of the black bar.

LCC 7Having made it through without a hitch, it was time for the last act of the show.

Another group act, it was done in true Mardi Gras style – glitter and fabulous costumes!

The show was fantastic.  If you missed it, they are doing an encore show on Monday, February 29 (leap day!) at 6:30pm.

LOTD #52

LOTD 52Since today is the last day of the traveling/color week, I thought I’d end it with a splash.

I wanted to do something wearing black and white.

I knew just the outfit – I’ve had this costume laying around in my inventory forever (since 2011, according to the name of the outfit).

Wearing a jester hat and looking like a mime, where else could I travel to but Mardi Gras?

A little late, I know, since it was earlier this week, but better late than never, right?

Today’s colors are black and white and I traveled to Mardi Gras for this pic.


Costume (including hair, shoes, umbrella, makeup, tattoo): DP – 2011 Mardi Harlequin Mime Doll #2

Skin: Laqroki – Martina – Mocha

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modded)

Eyes: IKON – Utopia – Pale Cerulean

Eyelashes: Redgrave – Classy

Location: Cottonwood

Pose:  !bang

News Flash

Image Source:
Image Source:

Just a quick post to share a couple of news bits from the last day or so:

Rachel Young, creator of the Barre HUD, has announced she will be leaving SL and making the Barre open source.  See here for details.

It’s Tuesday, so that means a new Tool Tip video from the folks at Firestorm.

This one is about contact sets – lots of good information!

Guerilla Burlesque has announced their new cast/season – see here for details.

I’ve been working on my photography skills, but I’m looking for subjects.

So if you’d like to be a guinea pig and get some free photos in the process, hit me up! 😀

Last but not least, it’s FAT TUESDAY!!

So party like it’s Mardi Gras, because tomorrow begins Lent.

Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone!