Main Event Show Lounge – Dance Show

Saturday, February 28, saw another performance from the Burlesque Dolls of the Main Event Show Lounge.

MESL Feb 1Opening the show was Lady C, dancing to ‘Whatever Lola Wants.’

I’m always fascinated by the costumes she puts together for her performances.

After all the glitter was cleaned off the stage, Miss Exhi took the stage, dancing to ‘Hey, Big Spender.’

MESL Feb 2I love the song and I’ve never seen anyone do a routine to it before.

This is one of my favorite Exhi routines so far – always so glamorous!

Lady C returned to the stage for a fantastic number to Joe Cocker’s ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On.’

MESL Feb 3That’s about all she left on!

If you’ve never been to a Main Event show, you’ve also been missing out on one of SL’s smexiest DJ’s, Diamonique Viper.

Her voice – sooo gorgeous!!

MESL Feb 4Next up was Babypea.

I never know what to expect from Baby – lyrical, hip-hop, sci-fi, or anything in between.

This time she treated us to a view of her more equine side. 😛

MESL Feb 5And just like that, it was time for the finale of the show.

Dancing to ‘We Are Family,’ the Dolls wrapped up the show in fine style.

The Main Event Show Lounge does shows once a month.  The next show will be March 26 at 4pm SLT.  Join the group to stay updated on the latest.

Holiday Burlesque Show

On Saturday I had the pleasure of dancing with Miss Lady C and Miss Bathory at the Main Event Show Lounge.

Christmas is one of my favorite times of year and this show was a blast. 😀

MESL 12192015 1Lady C started off the festivities with a sexy little routine to ‘Santa Baby’ by Eartha Kitt.

It’s one of those quintessential Christmas songs and it was such a fun number.

After Lady C, Miss Bathory took to the stage with her Frosty friend.

MESL 12192015 2Dancing to ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ by She & Him (the ‘She’ is Zooey Deschanel), Miss Bathory was on fire – so hot that she melted poor Frosty!

He looked happy as he went, though. 😛

MESL 12192015 3Lady C’s next number was to ‘Merry Christmas Baby’ by Natalie Cole.

Such a sultry, sexy voice, and another hot holiday number from Lady C.

I always enjoy her routines – classic burlesque style.

Following Lady C, Miss Bathory warmed the stage with her fabulous routine to ‘Sugar Rum Cherry’ by Duke Ellington.

MESL 12192015 4This routine was just gorgeous, and if you missed it, you missed out!

I’ve seen many a dancer incorporate a pole into their routines, but this one was very well done.

Her costumes are always amazing as well.

MESL 12192015 5The final number was put together by Miss Lady C and was a fun routine to ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’ by LeeAnn Rimes.

What a fun way to finish up the last show of the year. 😀

MESL 12192015 6I also wanted to point out someone who helps make the show possible – the DJ at Main Event Show Lounge, Diamonique Viper.

She has one of the sexiest voices on the grid. 😛

The ladies are already busy at work on their next routines for the January show.

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Sweet Seductions

Saturday was the ‘Sweet Seductions’ show at the Main Event Show Lounge.

MESL 1 11212015Run by Miss Lady C, the venue is a traditional burlesque theater.

Miss Lady C opened the show with her performance to ‘The Sweetest Taboo’ by Sade.

Very classy and elegant. 🙂

MESL 2 11212015After Lady C, Miss Bathory took the stage.

I have to say, this is one of my favorite numbers of hers.

Multiple set changes, 3 different costumes, and it was just fantastic. ❤

MESL 3 11212015This month’s guest dancer was Jilley, dancing to ‘Honey and Syrup’ by Duffy.

I’d never heard the song before, but it was fabulous, as was Jilley’s routine.

MESL 4 11212015Lady C was up next, this time dancing to ‘Sweet Dreams’ by the Eurythmics.

Another fabulously elegant set.

MESL 5 11212015Following Lady C was Miss Bathory with one of the sweetest routines I’ve ever seen. 😀

Just looking at all that sugar could give you a cavity!

MESL 6 11212015The finale was a group number to ‘Candyman’ by Christina Aguilera.

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The Main Event Show Lounge

It’s been a busy weekend for me with all these dance shows.

It’s also been a ton o’ fun. 😛

MESL 6Yesterday I got to dance with some amazing ladies at the Main Event Show Lounge.

Lady C, owner and proprietress, opened the show for us.

Dancing to “Dark Lady” by Cher, she set the tone for the rest of the show – spooky, sexy, and fabulous.

When I was told to come up with some Halloween acts, I went searching for music.

At rehearsal, I was kicking myself for not thinking of this song. 🙂

MESL 2Lady C did an amazing job, as always.

After Lady C, Miss Bathory took to the stage.

Dancing to “This Is Going To Hurt,” she was mesmerizing.

The set was absolutely gorgeous and her choreography was fantastic.

MESL 3This show had a special guest dancer, Babypea.

Only Baby could make a morgue seem sexy. 😛

Her act had it all – set changes, a great costume, and amazing choreography.

Baby’s act marked the halfway point of the show.

Lady C took to the stage again, this time to delight us with a dance to the theme from “Halloween.”

I’m not a big fan of horror movies, but I’ve apparently missed out on some spectacular music.

MESL 7This act had spooky fog, scary lightning, and a fantastic backdrop.

This picture doesn’t do it justice, but I just love the backdrop she used for this set.

Sexy, gorgeous, and the definition of burlesque. 🙂

Following Lady C, Miss Bathory got set for her act, “Witch Queen of New Orleans.”

The set was fantastic, and the effects even more so.

MESL 4I love seeing dancers incorporate action/reaction effects into their sets, and she did this masterfully.

Lots of spooky magic, including some quick costume changes.

I can’t wait to see what these ladies dream up for the next show. 😀

Finally, it was time for the last act of the evening.

Put together by Lady C, we danced as a trio of witches.

I had an absolute blast dancing with these ladies and I can’t wait to do it again.

MESL 5Shows are once a month at the Main Event Show Lounge, on Saturdays at 5pm SLT.

The next show will be on November 21st.

Seating is limited, so arrive a little early. 🙂

See you in November!