Le Cirque de Nuit – Idle Rogue

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Auditions announced for the 2016 performances of Le Cirque de Nuit.

This is one of Guerilla Burlesque’s/Idle Rogue’s most successful dance show, and I highly recommend it.

If you like the circus, acrobatics, steampunk, monochromatic art, art, dance, Victoriana, or any combination thereof, you will love this show!

Dancers – run, don’t walk to the link below and check out all the requirements. 🙂

Source: Le Cirque de Nuit – Idle Rogue

Dance Companies Getting Noticed

One of the things I want to do with this blog is to keep you up-to-date with what’s going on in the ‘dance world’ in SL.  I’ve blogged about some amazingly creative new shows – Le Cirque de Nuit and Paradise Lost.

Both shows have gotten rave reviews, and I would encourage you to see them both.  Le Cirque is scheduled for encore performances on April 19th at 7 and 10pm SLT.  Be sure to get there as soon as the sim opens (1 hour prior to showtime).  When I saw it, the sim was full in 3 minutes.  3 MINUTES!!

Paradise Lost has shows scheduled into June, but tickets are selling fast.  Paradise Lost has also garnered the attention of LL – currently it is listed as an editor’s pick under the Destination Guide.

Both of these shows are amazing – and bringing attention to the creativity, skills, and vision of the wonderful people in the SL dance community.

Run, don’t walk, to see these shows!!

Le Cirque de Nuit Encore Performances April 19th

Check out my review of Le Cirque de Nuit here.  It’s an amazing show and one you shouldn’t miss.

Due to popular demand, they are doing two encore shows on April 19th (that’s this Saturday) at 7pm and 10pm SLT.  If you haven’t seen it – GO!!!

Cirque Round 2-003

Le Cirque de Nuit

Sunday was a busy day for performances!  After taking in ‘Paradise Lost’ at the Basilique Theater, I had a few hours before it was time for ‘Le Cirque de Nuit,’ the newest production from Idle Rogue.

Since I saw both shows on the same day, it was impossible not take make some comparisons between them, even though they are two very different shows.  The information I had for Cirque said the sim would open at 6pm for seating.  I tp’d in at 6pm, and at 6:03, the sim was full!  However, the wait time allowed my computer time to sort through everything and all was rezzed and ready to go when the show started.

At the Paradise Lost show, it was laggy at times for me.  At Cirque, I didn’t notice any lag.  However, I did have a couple of instances of things not rezzing correctly – another deformed avatar and some boxes during one act that I eventually ended up derendering so I could see the performer.

Issues aside, the Cirque show was AMAZING! I read ‘The Night Circus’ last year and loved it.  I am amazed at how close the Cirque show was to the ‘feel’ of the Night Circus in the novel.  It was truly magical.  In between acts, there were some interstitial art works shown – and they too were amazing.  Below are some of the pics I took at the show (I have lightened some of them in Photoshop, just to bring out some of the details):

Lion Tamer
Lion Tamer
Tightrope Walker
Tightrope Walker

All of the acts were well done, with terrific sets and excellent choreography.  This is the kind of show I’d like to see when Oculus Rift becomes available to the mass market.

In addition to the traditional ‘circus’ acts, like the tightrope and contortionist, there was a very Poe-like number:


And to end the show, a short number with a storyline – Ms. WindUp gets broken and Mr. WindUp is very sad, until the gear?toy? mistress shows up to magically repair her:

Happily Ever After
Happily Ever After

I know that my photos don’t do the show justice, so if you get the chance – SEE THE SHOW!  You won’t be disappointed.

One other note – one of the things I had heard about Paradise Lost was that my camera would be controlled during the show.  This was not the case, which was a little disappointing.  At the Cirque show, you had the option of having your camera controlled or not, which was interesting.  I could let my camera be controlled and see what the director thought would be the best shot.  I also could move my camera as I wanted, so I could zoom in closer for shots, with the option of again joining the camera controller.  I toggled back and forth through most of the show.

I’ve often thought that many of the shows I see in SL would be better as videos/movies/machinima.  That way, the performer has more control over what the audience sees.  In SL, there really is no way to know exactly what people are seeing, given the plethora of computer set-up options out there.  Perhaps that lack of control is part of the excitement of performing?  The run-time for the show was a little over 1 1/2 hours, which may be a little long for some people.

In any event, I was in awe at the end of the show.  Chryblnd Scribe and Idle Rogue always have terrific performances (as indicated by their packed Guerilla Burlesque shows every Friday night), but this one was spectacular.  My photos don’t do it justice, so go see the show!!

Le Cirque de Nuit

I’m really looking forward to this weekend!  Not only do I have tickets for Paradise Lost, I am planning to attend the newest Guerilla Burlesque production ‘Le Cirque de Nuit.’

‘Le Cirque’ is loosely based on Erin Morgenstern’s book ‘The Night Circus.’  It’s a wonderful read, if you are looking for a good book. 🙂

Check out GB’s blog post about the show here.

If you plan to attend, come early and pare down your scripts!

Cirque Promo 008