Breaking Second Life News: Increased Number of Prims!! | KULTIVATE MAGAZINE

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I saw this in a couple of places and went to check my own parcel.

I’ve had roughly around 256 prims since I acquired the land.  Today, my prim limit is at 384.

So, check your prim limit – you may have an early Christmas surprise (or a late Halloween treat!) in your About Land box. 😀

Link to article below:

After scouring Sl Universe and the official SL forums, it appears that sims on the RC channels will see a 50% prim increase. This is part of the big announcement that was supposed to be announced o…

Source: Breaking Second Life News: Increased Number of Prims!! | KULTIVATE MAGAZINE

The Digital Pasture: Virtual Space/Infinite Space


I’ve read many of Penny Patton’s posts before, including her very useful tips on changing the default camera angles.  After reading this article, however, I had a bit of a “Doh!” moment.

I use rezzers all the time, to rez my sets when I perform dances.  Most dancers use them – it’s a way to store your sets until you need them, which saves prims at the venue.

It never occurred to me, though, to use one at my home parcel.  Probably because I think of my Multi-Scene as a dance tool.  But there’s absolutely no reason I couldn’t do as Penny has, and use it to make multiple ‘scenes/sets’ at my own home – all without worrying about how many prims I have left!

I’ve always marveled at H&G decorators and wondered how on earth they have enough prims to make some of the scenes that they do.  Now I’m curious to try decorating some different scenes/sets and see how I can use this at my own parcel.

The caveat, of course, is that everything you put in the rezzer has to be copy/mod, which means that trans only gacha items won’t work.  Most of my stuff is already copy/mod, since I purchase most items with set design in mind, rather than home decor.

I don’t RP, but her idea for having different RP areas to explore, without costing a ton of L$ in tier is amazing.  Certainly a lot of food for thought – read the original article below:

Source: The Digital Pasture: Virtual Space/Infinite Space

Region Decline

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According to a recent post by Tyche Shepherd on SLU, the grid has now dropped below 25,000 regions for the first time since 2008.

There’s always lots of speculation about changes, declines, and their cause.

Many think that Project Sansar is having a negative effect on SL.


I know people who are divesting themselves of land holdings.

Some because Linux is no longer being supported and know they will eventually lose access to SL.

Some because RL financial situations have made it difficult/impossible to afford the tier payments.

There are always those who will insist the sky is falling.

I actually happen to hold more land now than I ever did before.

(Which is to say, I currently have land, when I never did previously.) 😛

It will be interesting to see what happens as we head into 2016 and once Project Sansar is actually launched.