Holiday Sparkle – LOTD #241

LOTD 241
The lights were twinkling

almost as much as her eyes.

It was wonderful.


It’s been a little while since I did a LOTD pic.  I was starting to go into withdrawal!

I’ve been busy wrapping presents, sending cards, and shopping, shopping, shopping. 😀

I even managed to find time to do some of those things in SL. 😛

There are still Advent gifts to pick up and open, so don’t miss out.  Make sure you stop by Abranimations and Purple Moon (two of my favorite stores), who both have fantastic Advent gifts for their group members.

And perhaps one of the most popular Advent calendars, the KittyCats Advent Calendar.  No group required, just stop by and grab your fabulous gift.

I’m showing one of the gifts from it here – the earrings are from LaPointe & Bastchild.  The dress is an Advent gift from somewhere, but I can’t seem to locate the creator or where I got it. 😦

I love the fun holiday print of the dress, and the earrings come with a HUD that lets you change the metals, the stone color, and the design on the bead.  Very versatile!

One of my favorite buys this holiday season is this amazing hair from Magika.  It comes in two versions, with or without the sparkling lights.  (Note: The colored sparkles are part of my post-processing; the hair only has white lights in it.)  It’s such a fun look and so great for your holiday parties!

The next few days are going to be busy with family and friends, so let me take this opportunity to wish you and yours happiness and health, now and in the new year.

Merry Christmas! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Hair: Magika – Sparkle w/lights

Skin: Glam Affair – India

Eyes:  IKON – Triumph – Electric

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modded)

Hands/Feet/Body: Maitreya – Lara

Dress: ? – Ida Dress (@KittyCats Advent Calendar)

Earrings:  LaPointe & Bastchild – Swear ‘Frost’ Earrings

Pose: Kirin Poses – Himawari


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Image Source:

Second Life is a huge place with tons of things to explore and discover.

One of the areas I’ve never really explored is breedables.

Most of what I remember from breedables is old – back when they were script-laden, lag-inducing nightmares.

I must confess, breedables leave me scratching my head.

I’ve seen them, I’ve heard people talk of them, but I’ve never really owned one.

Well, I own a cat – but it does not have the ability to breed, so technically I’ve never owned one. 😛

I actually own three cats, but after a recent move, I don’t see them coming out of my inventory often (if at all).

One of my neighbors (*waves at Winnie*) has breedable horses, so I asked her some questions about them.

I understand breeding for desirable traits and then selling them for profit.

I’ve seen horses, I’ve seen cats, I’ve seen dogs, I’ve seen rabbits – I started wondering what else is out there.

So I did a quick search on Marketplace to see what came up.

Breedables is its own category – something I had never noticed before.

Over 16K items, so clearly it’s a popular market.

I saw Meeroos, Snuffles, Zooby’s, KittyCats, FennuX, and on and on.

There was even a ‘Beginner’s Guide’ for Meeroos.

Someone please explain the appeal of breeding to me.

Is it strictly a for-profit business for most?

Why would someone want to own a breedable?

I get the appeal of having a pet or a companion, but most breedables have to be fed, yes?

So there’s an on-going maintenance cost – what are the benefits?

Why have a breedable rather than just a ‘wearable’ or scripted pet?

Is it the fun/challenge of breeding new or desirable traits?

Do they require a lot of prims?

Can you trade them?

Soooo many questions!

There is also apparently on-going litigation between Amaretto Ranch Breedable Horses and Ozimals regarding DMCA.

I have enough lawyers in my RL, I don’t need to add them into my SL!