Would You Use SLGo?

I read an article a while ago about the new SLGo service, and I was pretty skeptical.  I know that the aim is for mobile users – phones and tablets – which is fine.  But I’m old and my eyesight isn’t that great.  I’ve spent the last several years upgrading my monitor to larger sizes, so that I can see everything in detail (as much detail as possible) in SL.  The thought of wandering through SL on a teeny-tiny smartphone screen was not at all appealing.

I have used Lumiya on a tablet to log in when I’m not at my desk, but just to check/send messages.  I rarely left my home base and the experience wasn’t all that terrific.  I much prefer a mouse to using my fingers to navigate on a screen, so that was a minus for me as well.

The original article I read about SLGo also said that they would be charging a fee for usage.  What?  If I use it on my phone (for which I’m already paying data charges to the phone carrier), now I also have to pay a subscription/usage fee?  No, thanks.

But when I saw Jo Yardley’s latest post about SLGo, I saw something I must have missed in reading about it earlier.  Her post contains information about SLGo changing its fee structure (they are moving to a monthly subscription option with unlimited usage), but it also said, “the service that lets you use Second Life on mobile devices but also on old computers at ultra settings.”


How did I miss that detail?  I don’t have a dinosaur of a computer, but it is by no means top-of-the-line for gaming.  I can’t run SL at ultra settings, which is very frustrating to me.  I attend a lot of dance shows, many with lots of particles/effects/etc., and sometimes my poor old computer just can’t keep up.  For instance, at a recent show, I only saw 1/3 of a dancer’s flexi skirt, a dancer who was wearing mesh feet appeared to have a gap at her ankles, and a flying machine that was rezzed was missing its wings.  (I only know I missed these things because I saw other audience member’s pictures of the show – and they were quite different from mine.)

I don’t want to just jump in without trying it first, however.  It says there is a 20-minute free trial available, so I will be checking that out to see if I think it’s worth the $9.95 a month for the subscription.  I’ve been planning to upgrade my video card, so I may have to sit down and figure out which option would be more cost-effective for me.

What about you?  Would you use SLGo?