Honeycomb Expedition

When I have a chance to explore (which isn’t nearly as often as I would like), I often hit several stops at once.  As I was looking through the Destination Guide for some suitable places, I came across Honeycomb.

Home to Hive, a home and garden store, Honeycomb is a wonderfully sweet (pun intended!) and charming area.

Honeycomb 1

When you land, turn around and head away from the main store.  This sign greets you as you enter the area. A terrific sentiment. 🙂

Honeycomb 2

You all know my love of lighthouses.  This broken one made me happy and sad at the same time.  I loved how the sunlight was glinting off the water – so beautiful!

Honeycomb 3

There aren’t any beaches near where I live, so I am always happy to explore them virtually whenever I can.  My husband loved this area, – mostly because he loves old VW campers, but it’s still gorgeous!  What a life – a beach bum, living out of your camper, getting to see amazing sights like this every day.  *Sigh*

Honeycomb 4

This little area was one of my favorites.  I don’t generally like the white-washed, shabby chic look, but here it absolutely works.  The trees, the birds flying around, the windmill – spectacular!

Honeycomb 5

This was another favorite area – but this time because it reminds me so much of the things I see every day.  Old barns, tractors, water towers, and trees – my daily view outside my car windows. 🙂

So head on over to Honeycomb and spend some time exploring – it’s absolutely gorgeous.  Then when you’re tired of exploring, you can head over to Hive and pick up some fab H&G items for your own little corner of SL. 😀