Project Bento arrives on the main grid in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

I am excited to see Project Bento make it to the main grid, but it is still only accessible via the LL Project Bento viewer.  So, until it’s officially released and makes it way into TPV’s (like Firestorm), I won’t be seeing it.

I am curious to see how it impacts creators – if I understood all the tech speak correctly, there are new face bones that mesh heads will be able to use.  Which means that mesh heads will be able to respond to sliders, for more customization options.

There are other new bones, including a tail bone and wing bones, and the video in the article shows a pretty darn cool wyvern and a great centaur.  I don’t RP much, so while they look cool, I’m not sure those changes will matter much to me.

I am interested in how the new finger bones will impact creators – will pose makers have to use Blender or some other 3D program to create poses?  I don’t think Qavimator has finger bones, so does that make it obsolete for use with SL?  Will you now only need one set of mesh hands, rather than buying different hands with different poses?  (Which would be awesome for my wallet, but probably not for the creator’s.)

I’m also curious to what effect the new mGroin bone (for animating any groin-related appendages, according to the guide) has on creations. 😛

Crossing my fingers that these changes make it into TPV’s soon.  (Because I’d love to be able to cross my fingers in SL too!)

Read all about it below….

Project Bento, the Lab-initiated, collaborative project involving Second Life content creators to bring greater capabilities to mesh avatars and – potentially – rigged attachments ̵…

Source: Project Bento arrives on the main grid in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Off With Their Heads!

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My current debate about buying a mesh head continues. 😀

I must confess, I didn’t realize just how long mesh heads have been available, or how many there actually are.


I only recently learned about the LOGO heads, which have been around since 2012!

Of course, there’s the Slink Visage heads, the Lelutka heads, and the Mesh Project Heads.

Through one of the bloggers I follow, I heard about a free mesh head being given away by Genesis Labs.

I went and picked it up (too anime/kawaii style for me) and learned that Genesis has a range of mesh heads.

Reading through my feeds, I came across a blog post by Adira Lux comparing some mesh heads.

I didn’t know that The Sugar Garden had a mesh head either!


So I wondered – just how many mesh heads there are out there?

A quick trip to Google netted me results on the Snow Rabbit head, the Fiore head, and Eve now has a new head out as well.

I did a search on Flickr for mesh heads and, unsurprisingly, found a LOT of them. 🙂

*_M.birdie Story_* Yeni Mesh Head Review
Yeni Mesh Head via Flickr

All the pictures look so good, it’s hard to know which one will work the best for me.

They do photograph well, which is a major reason for most people purchasing them (me included).

However, mesh heads also have their detractors.

New World Notes had a post about ‘RBF’ and mesh heads, which featured a picture from Twitter using various mesh (and non-mesh!) heads.

I must say, I was not a big fan of the mesh heads when they first came out.

The expression of every head seemed to be a permanent sneer.

As more and more makers come out with them, the expressions and appearances offer more and more options.


Most of the ones I have looked at purchasing come in at around the $2500L mark.

By the time you add in a possible skin purchase ($1000L), appliers ($200-$400L), and then extras like makeup ($200L and up), getting a mesh head can be a pricey affair, especially when it’s something you don’t wear every day.

Many people own more than one mesh head (choices are always good!), but I’m pretty stingy with my budget, unless it’s something I truly love and know I’ll use/wear a lot.


My desire to purchase a mesh head is for use in photography.

I’ve read blogs of others who purchased for the same reason, but ended up loving them and wearing them on a daily basis.

I don’t know if that will happen with me, though I can say that I will not be wearing a mesh head to dance in.

I have the Maitreya body and I love it, but I haven’t yet been brave enough to wear it during a performance.

So many people have issues seeing mesh – when you add in a crowded performance venue and the lag that usually accompanies such a performance, it ends up being disappointing for everyone.

No one wants to spend weeks working on a routine to have it ruined because you’re a floating head to the audience while wearing your mesh body.

Add in a mesh head and you’re likely to be invisible to many in the audience.

Not the look most performers are hoping for, I’d guess. 😀


All the debate aside, I have to say that every time I see an amazing photo on Flickr, I’m tempted to go mesh head shopping. 😛

If I had an unlimited budget, I’d likely own two or three different heads.

I love the LOGO heads for the variety of expressions.

The Lelutka heads look flawless in photos.

Now I’m finding out that there are probably hundreds of different heads available in SL.

How will I ever choose?

Impulse Purchase

Once I found out about the variety of heads, I went window shopping.

I had heard about the new Eve head and wanted to check it out.

(I’m stingy, as I said, and word was it was inexpensive because it’s still in beta.)

I had considered purchasing the Eve body before Maitreya came out with theirs.

Eve Mesh Head Beta

So, because I am a creature of impulse, because the head comes with free updates, and because I love a good deal, I bought it.


This is how it looks ‘out of the box.’

You can see the neck seam, but that’s because I didn’t take the time to tweak my Maitreya body to exactly match the skin tones of the head.

I just wanted to get an idea of how it would look and decide if I wanted to invest more time and money into it.

I actually really like the look of the head.

It comes with a HUD that lets you select eyelashes, eyeshadow, brow color, lipstick, hairbase, and of course, skin tones.

This is a photo I took using Xanthe’s ‘Flawlessness’ windlight (one of my favorites), with no post-editing.

I am already in love with the fact that I could cut down on my editing time and spend more time actually taking photos.

No more fixing weird lines around the mouth, no liquifying distorted nostrils, no more ‘faffing about’ as Nai would say, with eyelashes that aren’t cooperating.


Now I’m gonna have to find a second job to finance all the mesh goodness I want to buy. 😀