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FlickrCameraThe article linked below is a post from Kate Bergdorf with some funny categorizations of people on Flickr.

I had never heard of Flickr until about a year ago.

When I started doing my LOTD posts, I thought it would be a good place to share some of my photos.

I initially resisted because I don’t like Yahoo, but finally caved and got an account.

I really enjoy looking through photos and seeing other people’s creativity.

However, the site is not really user-friendly.

When you follow individual people, you can view their latest works by going to your ‘People’ tab.

So I can go to that tab and see the latest pictures posted by people I follow.


There are also a ton of Flickr groups that you can join, both so that you can share your own pics and see the pics of others around certain topics or themes.

I am in several SL dance groups, and several landscape groups.

But there is no ‘group’ tab/feed so that I can easily see the latest posts from the groups I am in.

Supposedly you can create an RSS for groups, but I’ve tried doing that, and it doesn’t work.

So the only way to view items from a particular group is to visit each group individually to look at photos.

If you’re not familiar with Flickr, this makes the process longer – instead of one click (as I would to view the latest ‘people’ posts), I have to go to my groups, wait for them load (which seems to take a while), pick one, wait for it to load, and then click on the ‘photo pool’ button for that group.

Instead of opening Flickr, clicking once, and scrolling through loads of cool photos, I often get stuck waiting for stuff to load.

First world problems, I know, that it takes 3 or 4 clicks instead of one, but if the goal of the site is to make it easy to share photos, they’ve missed the target in this area.

In addition, I don’t understand how the number of views are counted on photos.

When I am looking at recent photos, when I scroll down, my stream seems to constantly refresh itself – it’s not adding any new photos to the list, just constantly refreshing.

Are my involuntary refreshes being counted as multiple views?

Sometimes that is the only explanation I have for how some photos have thousands of views and hundreds of likes, when other (in my opinion, better) photos don’t.

I only ‘fave’ photos I actually like.

Perhaps I’m in the minority?

Source: The Flickr Fave ★ | The Bergdorf Reports

Photography and Flickr

Does anyone besides me think it’s hilarious that Flickr’s logo is a pink and blue ball? 😛

For quite some time I resisted getting a Flickr account.

I finally caved and I’m actually glad I did, my loathing of Yahoo aside.

There’s a very active SL community of artists on Flickr, and I’m always discovering new and creative people.

I can follow someone who takes landscape photos and find gorgeous sims to explore or use to take my own pics.

I can follow someone who takes creative avatar portraits and find inspiration.

And while Flickr is easier to navigate than other sites I’ve tried recently, there are still things I don’t understand.

I know that Yahoo just recently updated Flickr, though I don’t really notice much different myself.

Flickr Pro

Some people pay for a ‘premium’ account.

A Pro account isn’t even available anymore, and I didn’t see any huge benefits that would entice me to pay even if it was.

I rarely view the home page of Flickr, so I can’t say that I even notice the ads much.

Are there still ‘Pro’ users of Flickr?

Can you ‘downgrade’ your subscription to free?

Easy Viewing?

I love the People page, which lets me view the recent photos of people I follow.

Why is there no option for this with the groups I’m in?

Unless I’m missing something, the only way I can see the recent photos of the groups I’m in is to go to each individual group and view their pool.

That’s just ludicrous.

There should be a way to aggregate the photos in your groups for easier viewing.

(I’m always looking for new groups, so if you know of one you think I should join, let me know!)

Adding Photos to Groups

Speaking of groups, is there a rule of thumb for how many groups you should post a pic to?

I try to only put my pic in appropriate groups (I’m a rules follower 😛 ), but sometimes I find that I could put the pic in 20+ groups.

I usually end up limiting it to 10 or less.

Is there a rule of thumb for how many groups you can/should post your pics to?

I mean, I want my pics to get more exposure, but putting a pic in a bazillion groups just because I could seemed – wrong.

Product Pics?

Before I joined, I read the TOS.

I’m pretty sure I remember reading that you’re not supposed to put ads for your products on your photostream.

Yet I see vendor ads everywhere.

I enjoy seeing the new products, but I find it curious that Flickr doesn’t seem to mind people violating their TOS.

Maybe it’s because the ads are for virtual products and not RL ones?

File Sizes

I know you can post your pics from SL directly to Flickr, but I don’t usually do that.

I like to take my photos at pretty high resolutions and then play around with them in Photoshop.

I also generally crop them down and/or make a .jpeg copy rather than a .png to keep the file size small.

Is there a generally accepted file size or format for Flickr pics?

Or is it just free-for-all, whatever-you-like-goes?


I’ve also noticed that there doesn’t seem to be a standard among photographers for the licenses they use on their photos.

For example, the ‘rules’ of the SL Official group say that you grant them the right to use your photos in all manner of ways.

So does the fact that you put it in that group supersede the ‘all rights reserved’ license on the photo?

Or is it pretty much like the rest of the internet, where everything is up for grabs (or so people think)?

As someone who writes, I am very conscious of giving credit where I should (and when in doubt, I credit).

If any of you are regular Flickr users and have some answers to all these questions, leave ’em in the comment box.  😀

Limits – Don’t You Hate Them?

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I’d like to live forever, but that won’t happen.

I’d love it if there were no speed limits, but that won’t happen either.

Life has limits.

And so does SL.

Specifically, group limits.

Remember when you could only have 25 group slots?

Remember how overjoyed we were when that got raised to 42?

(Why 42?  Why not 45? Or is 42 some tongue-in-cheek reference to Douglas Adams?)

Now, even 42 is not enough.

I am constantly at the limit, and have to make some very hard decisions about what groups I am in.

At this point, most of the groups I am in are groups I have paid to join, so I am loathe to leave them.

I, of course, have some working groups that I have to stay in, as does most everyone in SL.

But there are always some slots left over that are discretionary.

If a store/venue offers a subscribo, I will choose that over the group to stay informed.

That is my general choice for stores and such (though some days it feels like it’s raining subscribo notices!).

But some groups are worth joining, despite using a precious group slot.

So I got to wondering – besides working groups, what groups do you belong to that are ‘must-have’?

Is it your gacha trading group?

Your building group?

Your super-secret circle of friends group?

A store that you absolutely love?

Annnnnnnnddddd . . . GO!