Extracting From A Green Screen – The LAB Trick | Photofocus

Image Source:  simpleicon.com
Image Source: simpleicon.com

For those of you who use a green screen when taking photos, here is another method to get rid of it.

I’ve not used this method – I’ve been pretty happy with the method I’m currently using, but it’s always nice to know another way to do something, especially with Photoshop!

Source: Extracting From A Green Screen – The LAB Trick | Photofocus

Tutorial: Creating drop shadow effects on greenscreen photos – for Second Life – YouTube

Image Source:  simpleicon.com
Image Source: simpleicon.com

This is a great tutorial on how to create drop shadow effects on your green screen photos.

I’ve used this method successfully on several different photos now, and it’s completely opened up new ways of doing my photography in SL.

Rather than trying to create complete scenes in SL itself, I can take a few green screen photos and create effects using the skills I’ve learned from these tutorials.

Especially helpful for those who might not have the ability to run Ultra graphics with all the fancy shadows in SL.  😀

Tutorial: Shooting props separate from photos to use in photography | honeyjunkies

Image Source: cutelypoisoned.com

Another fantastic tutorial from Daeberethwen Arbenlow!

I buy so many things thinking that I will use them in a photo or a set and then promptly lose them in my black hole of an inventory.

I’ve decided one of my goals for the coming year is to take some green screen photos of items so that I will have them to use in my photos.

Plus, I will have a visual record of what the item is, which means I may be more likely to remember that I own it! 😛

Source: Tutorial: Shooting props separate from photos to use in photography | honeyjunkies

Trying Out My New Photoshop Skills

Image Source: simpleicon.com
Image Source: simpleicon.com

A week ago, I was lucky enough to stumble across a post on Plurk from Daeberethwen Arbenlow about a tutorial she had made for removing a green screen in Photoshop.

Though I had watched various tutorials on the same subject and attempted it numerous times, I could never get to work as cleanly as the videos showed.

It may be that I have more experience with Photoshop now, but I’m chalking it up to the terrific job Daeberethwen does of explaining in her tutorials.  😀

Since the green screen video, I have used the method with great success. Just yesterday I cajoled my husband into logging into SL so we could take a holiday photo.

I had set up all my props in front of a green screen so that I could insert a different background later in Photoshop.  We could have just gone somewhere winter-y and taken the pic, but I wanted to try out my new skill. 😛

Also, it gave me an excuse to sort through my giant folder of ‘Christmas’ items and purge some of them.  (How do I end up with so many no-copy items that are useless to me for sets?!)

Perfect Xmas 2015

This is the edited photo and what I will be using for Christmas cards. 🙂

I used several techniques I learned in videos from Daeberethwen, including the green screen removal and using the ‘screen’ layer style to add effects.

I am still amazed at how quickly and cleanly I can now add effects and fancy bits to my photos with very little effort!

I changed my ‘green screen’ to blue, since so many of the props have green in them.  I did have to lower my tolerance a bit with the background eraser, because at 100% it was erasing much of his tuxedo!

I added a background texture (the snowflake background behind the pergola), changed the hue of it a bit, and then used the ‘screen’ layer trick to add some snow as an overlay.

After adding the text, I think the total time to process this photo was maybe 20 minutes.  For comparison, here is the original photo:

Xmas Original

As you can see, I cropped it (sorry, Frosty!), removed the blue screen, and then added my other effects.


I love playing around in Photoshop and learning new techniques.  I have a ton of pre-made filters and actions I’ve found in various places, but I get much more enjoyment out of discovering how to do something myself. 😀

If you’ve been looking for some great Photoshop tutorials, I highly recommend Daeberethwen’s videos.  You can find the tutorial on using the ‘screen’ layer here.

I can’t wait to try this out with other photos and effects!

Removing a Green Screen Background in Photoshop

Green Screen Color Block
Image Source: freephotocourse.com

I have watched with envy as other bloggers and photographers do amazing things with their green screen photos.

Previously, I have avoided green screens like the plague, because I could never seem to get my background eraser tool in Photoshop to work as it was supposed to.

Green screen can be an especial nightmare when you have wispy/alpha’ed hair strands.

Enter the following tutorial by Daeberethwen Arbenlow:  Removing Green Screen Backgrounds in Photoshop.  I watched the video, hoping against hope it would somehow be different than the other videos I had watched.

After watching it, I immediately sat down at my computer to give it a try.

It worked!!!

I don’t know if I somehow had my settings screwed up (the sampling and a few other settings mentioned in the video) or if I just have more experience with Photoshop now, but whatever the reason – it worked!

Not perfectly, because I had hair strands that still had a bit of green, but I tried adjusting the hue/saturation and it worked.

If you’ve ever struggled with removing a green screen, give this tutorial a try.

I now have yet another tool in my Photoshop skills box. 😀