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This post is about taking photographs and taking advantage of ‘gifts’ as they present themselves.

While reading though, I found myself thinking that this same idea applies to so much more than photography.

How many of us are truly open to new ideas and experiences when they present themselves?

How many times have we missed opportunities because we weren’t paying attention?

Today is an introspective day for me, for whatever reason, so I’d just like to take a moment to remind you all that life is short – enjoy the hell out of it. šŸ˜€

Source: Found Imagesā€¦.Unexpected Gifts | DWPhotoworks Blog

Busy Thursday

Busy Bee
Me this week!
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The next few days will be busy ones for me.

I will be attending a class on Photoshop, so hopefully I’ll learn some cool new tricks I can use on my photos.Ā  šŸ™‚

I was asked to write an article for a new magazine, so I am trying to finish that up.

I’m still working on a RL book that I hope to self-publish soon.Ā  *fingers crossed*

At least the school year is winding down, so things should be on the downswing and I will have more time in SL.

A few tidbits for your Thursday:

  • There will be a meet up with the Lindens today at the Basilique sim at 1pm SLT.

Odds are it will fill up quick, so if you want to attend, get there early!

  • If you haven’t stopped by The Chapter Four, FaMESHed, or We ā¤ Roleplay yet – head on over.

They all have free gifts out for the taking (there are a TON at FaMESHed).

  • I’m hoping to gather some tips and tricks for different social media platforms over the next week, so if you use social media and have a tip/hack/trick worth sharing, let me know.

I’m specifically looking for some information on using Flickr (selfishly, because I suck at it), Twitter, Google+, and ASN.

Other social media information is welcome as well. šŸ™‚

I’m late for class, so must dash.

Enjoy your Thursday, folks!

So Much Going On!

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There is sooo much going on today!

I’m dancing in the Michael BublĆ© tribute show at Frank’s Elite today at 12pm SLT.

Then the ‘Christmas ExtravaDanza!’ is having another performance 1pm.

Fusion Dance Crew is having their Christmas show at 2pm.

The Polar Express is doing another fundraiser for Toys for Tots at 3pm.

The Waterfront Theater is also doing a performance of ‘The Full Monty’ at 3pm.

Then catch La Oro’s show at 5pm.

Dance Xcetera! is doing a show at 7pm, as is Moulin Rouge.

So a completely full day of dance shows, not to mention all the advent gifties you can collect right now!


Better drink some Red Bull or some coffee before you head out!

Happy Dancing!!

Dance News Quickie

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Just a quick post to let you know that Vista has released some new dances – Shaki and Beyon dances (inspired by Shakira and Beyonce).Ā  So head over and check them out!

Don’t forget that many stores are running advent calendars during the holiday season, including Abranimations.Ā  Maybe we’ll get lucky and one of the gifts will be some free dances!



For the last few days, the news in RL has been filled with stories of hate and rage.

So, I thought I’d share a story I found – one of those stories that makes me hope someday the human race will wake up and realize just how much better our world could be if we were all just a bit nicer to each other.


Sometimes You Just Want to Say Thank You

To all my friends and family – Happy Thanksgiving!