Let your Fingers Do The Talking and Win Early Access to Peatonville | MadPea

I didn’t play The Collection game, sadly, or I’d be entering this myself.  I’m hoping to talk my husband into doing Peatonville with me when it opens. 😀

Source: Let your Fingers Do The Talking and Win Early Access to Peatonville | MadPea

How Do You SL?

Image Source:  modemworld.wordpress.com
Image Source: modemworld.wordpress.com

The demise of SL Go has caused quite a stir among users.

After listening to this week’s Drax Files Radio Hour (which featured Dennis Harper of OnLive), I started to wonder.

SL Go allowed users to experience SL in all its graphical glory.

Have an old system that can’t handle Advanced Lighting Mode?

A graphics card that chokes when you turn on shadows?

No access to a PC, but have a tablet?

For those people, SL Go was the answer.

Not everyone can afford a computer that has all the bells and whistles necessary to experience everything SL has to offer.

Not everyone has access to high-speed internet connections.

Everyone (of course) wants to have the ‘full’ experience when using SL.

How can you do that if you’re surrounded by grey boxes, grey avatars, and can’t even move because of the lag?

I, with many others, hope that someone sees what a difference SL Go made, and has the vision to see what a service like it could mean, not only to SL users, but other ‘games’ as well.

Then I started to wonder – how do you SL?

I am lucky enough to have access to high-speed internet and I have a decent computer set up.

My thoughtful husband keeps things updated and upgraded for me.

Because of that, I can run SL on Ultra graphics settings and have all the pretty lights and shadows.

Once I experienced SL on Ultra, I became interested in photography.

I can run on Ultra, set a pretty high resolution, put my anti-aliasing to 16x, and take some pretty decent shots.

I would never be able to do that on a basic machine.

I could run SL, but it just wouldn’t be the same.

I’ve had to bump my settings down a few times at shows in order to try and combat lag, and I hated it.

Once you go Ultra, it’s hard to go back. 😦

What kind of machine do you use for SL?

Is it sufficient for your needs?

Do you wish you could afford to upgrade – pieces or parts or a brand new machine?

Did you use SL Go?

Would you use another service like it if it significantly improved your SL experience?

Would you use SL on a tablet or another mobile device?

The Weeping Willow Girl – in-world game preview

This sounds like a lot of fun! Looking forward to playing when it’s released later this year.

Mona Eberhardt

A huge tree stands in the middle of a clearing, and on its trunk it bears a strange formation that looks a lot like a human face, staring sadly at passers-by; if you look closely at this face, you can even see what seems to be tears flowing from it. Under the tree’s shade, a little squirrel awaits to introduce whomever would be willing to listen to the story of the Weeping Willow Girl, a little girl trapped in this arboreal form.

Flynn the squirrel and the Weeping Willow GirlFlynn (left) and the Weeping Willow Girl (the face-like feature on the tree trunk on the right). Can you break the spell that keeps the little girl trapped as a tree? Escapades (Rated: General)

“There was a little girl who lived on the island called Escapades. She often played with a little faun, mischievous and playful and they had fun together. One day, the two friends snuck into…

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