Infatuation – LOTD #271


I’ve been so busy working on dance projects that I haven’t had much time to take any photos.  So this week, while I have a bit of a break, it’s photo time!

When I take photos, I try to use new items I’ve acquired, and then I can sort them in inventory. I’ve gotten so behind and acquired so many things (thank you, free SL13B gifts!), my inventory was getting out of control.

I spent much of yesterday sorting and boxing and deleting – so cathartic!  Some of the things I had yet to unpack were Birdy’s items from The Arcade. A good friend gifted me the bikini (which is amazing and fits my Lara body perfectly), and I had the arm/leg chains and the headpiece from my own plays.  Add in some gorgeous hair from Truth, and Bam!

I haven’t worn my mesh heads in so long I’d forgotten how much I love them, especially for photos.  I have more time to play around with layers and modes in Photoshop if I don’t have to spend hours smoothing out spiky bits!

I can’t wait to finish opening boxes and find out what other treasures are waiting inside. 😛



Hair:  Truth – Damaris – Gingers

Skin:  Glam Affair – Jamaica

Eyes:  IKON – Triumph – Electric

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modified)

Body/Hands/Feet: Maitreya – Lara

Head: Lelutka – Simone

Bikini: Birdy – Boho – Bikini – White  (@ The Arcade)

Arm/Leg Chains: Birdy – Boho – Arm Chains – Silver; Leg Chains – Silver  (@ The Arcade)

Headpiece: Birdy – Boho – Headdress – Red (@ The Arcade)

Pose: Nantra


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!!! The bookworm in me is rejoicing as I type!!

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LOTD #111 – Memories

LOTD 111The circus was always a magical place.

The pungent smells, the bold colors, the beautiful girls – but his favorite was always the carousel.

A circular delight – picking out his favorite horse, his father lifting him up into the seat, the blurred sea of faces whizzing past.

He smiled down at his own small son as they waited their turn.


Hair:  Truth – Nayeli

Skin: Eye Candi – Nina – Tone 4

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modded)

Hands/Body/Feet: Maitreya – Lara

Eyes: IKON – Utopia – Pale Cerulean

Eyelashes: Gaeline – Divina

Corset/Panties/Choker:  Enfant Terrible – Showstopper – Black (@ TAG! Gacha)

Shoes: KC – Bella

Decor Items:

Carousel Horse: !deviousMind – Carnival Ride – Apfelschimmel (@ TAG! Gacha)

Tent: Mole End – Fedelma’s Snug Arbor

My First Yardsale

Yardsale_001I’ve been debating forever whether to put unused items out at a yardsale.

I finally did, so if you want some nice stuff cheap, or know someone who does, send them on over!!

Prims are limited, of course, so as I (hopefully) sell items, I will add new ones.

Find the good stuff here.

Gacha or Gotcha?

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Hello, my name is Kat, and I’m a gacha addict.

Ok, not really, but I could be. 😀

It’s December, which means it’s time again for the latest round of The Arcade gacha.  Now, everyone knows (or I thought they did) that this event is ALWAYS full for at least a couple of days, with everyone trying to be the first ones to get in.  The Arcade even had ‘preview passes’ for some lucky few to this round.

I tried a couple of times to get in.  It was full.  So, I wait.  I don’t even really play that many machines, I just like to look at all the cool new stuff people made for it.  Yesterday (while sorting through my inventory and trying to get rid of previous gacha items), someone began complaining about The Arcade in a group chat.  (Not The Arcade group chat, mind you.)  This person basically thought it should be open for them to get in whenever they wanted.  When it was pointed out that they would simply have to wait, their response (after first calling everyone else ignorant) was to call for support for a boycott of The Arcade.

People are crazy.

It got me thinking though – what is it about the gacha machines that make everyone so nuts?  I get that there’s a thrill in collecting stuff – I collect a few things in RL myself.  But after playing several gachas at various locations around the grid, I’m rethinking them.  Most gacha machines sell items for less than creators would normally price them – that’s part of the attraction.  Who doesn’t want to save a few L$?  And when I first started playing paying them, it was usually a set of the same items, with rares in different colors.

These days, the machines are set up with ‘pieces’ to a set, and you must pay multiple times to have any hope of getting a ‘complete’ set or outfit.  I can see why the creators like this set up – it virtually guarantees multiple plays.  For instance, at one of the last gacha ‘events’ I went to, the gacha was for an outfit (which I thought was adorable).  However, you needed to get the wings, the sleeves, the shoes, the belt, and the dress itself.  After 10 pays, I had 3 wings, 5 sleeves, a belt, and shoes.  None of them in matching colors, of course.  And no dress, so the rest was really useless.  It’s very easy to get caught up in the thrill and lose track of what you’re spending.  I would happily have paid $500-$600 for the outfit.  Once I hit that limit on plays, I quit.

It’s disappointing.  It was a REALLY cute outfit.  I’m still out the L$, but have no outfit to show for it.  Oh sure, I can try to recoup some of my L$ at a yard sale or something, but it just left a bad taste in my mouth.  I won’t be playing gachas from that creator again.  And the list of ‘won’t play again’ is sadly growing.

Now, do I blame the creator?  No.  It was my decision to pay the machine, and I knew it was a random chance payout.  I have had machines where I got a rare (or the new ‘ultra-rare’) item on the first pay.  But sometimes you wonder if everything is on the up-and-up.  How do you KNOW that the seller set up the machine to actually have a decent shot at a rare or ultra-rare?  Who decides what a ‘decent shot’ means?  You can’t say you got cheated, because you always get AN item.  It’s just usually not the one you want. 🙂

So, for me, it’s become more ‘gotcha’ than gacha.  I’ll still visit The Arcade, and other gacha events, but I will be a looky-loo rather than a serious shopper.

How about you?

News and Happenings

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I miss a few days because I’m busy with projects, and the blogosphere explodes with tons of news and happenings!

Here are some tidbits I found surfing about today:

The Arcade is opening its December round soon.  It’s usually a lag-fest, because it’s such a popular event.  So – if you’d prefer to be an ‘early bird,’ you can try to purchase one of their early access passes.  They are selling 20 of them, starting today at 5pm SLT.  Check out the link here if you want more information.  It’s a cool idea, and one that will be popular.  I know lots of people who would be willing to pay a bit extra to get in early and/or get in before the mad rush!

Serendipitously, as I was reading about the Arcade, and groaning internally about the horrible lag that always accompanies it, I came across another blogger’s thoughts about the whole ‘gacha’ scene in SL.  An interesting read on how gachas started and how they how changed.  Personally, I only play if it’s something I would just outright buy in the first place.  To me, some of the gacha vendors are like that impulse section at the cashier’s stand.  You end up with buys that you later regret.  And I too, have grown weary of the gachas where you only get pieces and parts of an outfit.  I’d rather just pay the L$ and get the one I want.  But that’s me.  🙂

I finished the MadPea Blood Letters Hunt (it’s still running until November 30 – if you don’t mind blood/gore and more than a bit of adult content, it was a ton of fun).  I made it to the prize room, after being lost in a maze for about half an hour.  But I did it – it was even more fun after finding out that a friend was doing the hunt as well, so we teamed up to finish the last day.  I’ve never done a hunt like this one before, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  MadPea is selling some mementos from the hunt, including the book set and the dead bodies, if you’re interested.  And I saw today that they will have a new hunt beginning on December 1.  This one is called ‘Scrumptious Sweets‘ so I’m hoping it will be refreshing change from all the detective work of this last hunt!

And the last piece of news – Sinse has released a new ‘Only Girl’ AO that comes with 5 dances.  Stop by and check it out – I’m always on the lookout for goods sits, stands, and walks, and AO’s are terrific source for those.